Undercover – INKED November 2011

This is the first “Undercover” post where we will giving you information on what you can expect to find inside the pages of your favorite tattoo magazines. We’ll let you know which artists you’ll be seeing, what articles you’ll be reading, and the photos you’ll be dying to check out. First up – INKED’s November 2011 issue. Will you be picking up this month’s issue?

Interviews: Covergirl Model Amber Rose, Artist Aaron Martin, a.k.a. Angry Woebots, Dew Tour Pro Skateboarders Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Elliot Sloan, Daredevil and Fun City Tattoo owner Michelle Myles, and the band Thrice.

Articles: Skip Sampson gives us tour highlights of Tampa Bay ; Tattooed People include Eiknarf, Taylor Reeve, and Chuck Ragan.

Special Features: “Drawn Together” featuring artistic takes on the ‘Inked’ logo by artists Caia Koopman, Edith Lebeau, Hoang Nguyen, Janice Urnstein Weissman, and Shawn Barber.

Photo Editorials: “Day of the Dead” with Zombie Boy


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