Gentle Giant Studios sponsors “Heroes and Villains” Group Art Show

Gentle Giant is one of the most prolific toy companies in the industry. Last year the company sponsored the “Disturbance in the Force” art show with a ton of amazing busts, sculptures, and action figures. And now we are happy to announce that Gentle Giant will also be sponsoring the “Heroes and Villains” art show at Hope Gallery, December 10th. Gentle Giant has given Hope over $700 worth of amazing collectibles to hand out to attendees and fans during the opening reception!

“Heroes & Villains” featuring 25 International artists portraying Good vs Evil. Artists Include Joe Capobianco, Phil Young, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Tim Harris, Christian Perez, Adrian Dominic, Amber Carr, Bili Vegas, Brennan Freemantle, Chris Lowe, Christopher Uniguo, Clint Danroth, Myke Chambers, Nic Skrade, Sket One, Patrick Cornolo, Jeff Ensminger, Jesse Smith, Justin Weatherholtz, London with Mike DeVries, Matt Lukesh, Nikko Hurtado, and ZAM.

The opening receiption will be filled with action movies, food, and good ol’ booze. And will have tons of giveaways provided by Gentle Giant!


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