Mister Cartoon Tattoos NYC Hotel Guests

Andaz 5th Avenue, a hotel inspired by the culture of New York City, will be the temporary new home for tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. From December 12-22, Mister Cartoon will move into the hotel and turn one of the Andaz Terrace Suites into his temporary tattoo studio. As the hotel’s first artist in residence, he’ll be offering any guests that book a room at Andaz 5th Avenue the chance to jump the year-long waiting list to be inked by ‘Toons. It’s just up to you to decide if $400 a night is worth it to jump the line.

Now if you remember this past summer Cartoon did pretty much the same thing at the Marcel at Gramercy Hotel in NYC. Not sure what sparked the change in locale or if Mister Cartoon is just looking to try the beds out in every NYC boutique hotel.


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One Response to Mister Cartoon Tattoos NYC Hotel Guests

  1. Justin says:

    The pr girl who worked for the hotel marcel is now with andaz. That’s probably the reason.

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