Oxygen Network announces “BEST INK” Coming January 30th

Last night Oxygen announced that it will premiere  a new competition reality series entitled “BEST INK” on Monday, January 30th. Right after the announcement Joe Capobianco and Sabina Kelley both took to twitter to confirm the show by posting the photo above.

BEST INK features ten tattoo artists from around the country who compete for $100,000 and a cover story in Tattoo magazine. The show will be hosted by Kimberly Caldwell (“American Idol”) and features head judge and world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco side by side with tattooed pinup model Sabina Kelley.

In each episode, the tattoo artists compete in two challenges: the “Flash Challenge,” which tests their overall artistic and creative skills, and the “Ink Challenge,” in which they produce on skin—a permanence rarely seen in the reality competition world. The indelible body art will be created for and on real people in a variety of challenges designed to showcase the artists’ talents. As the stakes get higher and the challenges become more difficult, only one artist will get the ultimate bragging rights to call their work “Best Ink.”

Will you watch or DVR Best Ink?



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One Response to Oxygen Network announces “BEST INK” Coming January 30th

  1. Joselito says:

    Im supporting Tiffany!!!!!!!!

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