LEGOs gets Inked up with Pilot Pens

Grey, an award winning advertising agency from Barcelona, did an amazing campain in 2010 to showcase the superthin lines of the pilot extrafine gel pens. The pens are so thin and precise they could do intricate designs on a grain of rice, but rice is boring – so Grey  ‘tattooed’ a crew of LEGO mini-figures with amazing designs that you just have to see to believe. We would love to see these in person to see exactly how amazing these are. All of the designs are well executed, but we may be partial to the tramp stamp one.
The pens used for these mini masterpieces are made by pilot of japan and available in the US from jetpens.


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6 Responses to LEGOs gets Inked up with Pilot Pens

  1. Thats Badass ! I wish legos were really that cool !

    • Lunedi says:

      Legos are really that cool. They were just made a whole lot cooler with these tattoos.

      I use these gel pens myself and I love how fine it is (my handwriting’s really tiny). Now I’m tempted to take these pens and draw on my Lego mini-figs.

  2. Chris Zamora says:

    Being a tattoo artist for over 14 yrs and a fan of tattoo art for longer than I can remember,this is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen with tattoo art!

  3. Dawn Topper says:

    These are awesome!!!!! A little disappointed that the girl lego only got a tramp stamp while the guys got amazing artwork.

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