Internet Trolls Abuse Tattooed Military Wife Online

At this day in age you would think that tattoos were as socially acceptable as ever, sadly that is not the case for Military Wives Choir soloist Samantha Stevenson. After the airing of their song “Wherever You Are” on the BBC, the singer became the victim of internet trolls calling her ‘disgusting’ for having tattoos and complaining that the singer ‘Should never be allowed on television.’

The Military Wives Choir is just as the name suggests, a choir made of up of the women whose significant others are currently fighting in a war for their country.  The UK based group performed at the Festival of Remembrance at London’s Royal Albert Hall and at The Sun’s Military Awards last week. After their performance the song raced to Number one on the charts after selling 556,000 copies of “Wherever You Are” in a week – more than all of the other 12 songs on the chart combined!

The celebration was slightly trumped when people started posting nasty comments on Facebook and Twitter about lead soloist’s tattoos.  “They say I’m vile, I’m a disgusting woman with disgusting tattoos and I shouldn’t be allowed on TV,” Samantha says,  “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I am who I am and I like my tattoos. It doesn’t make me a bad person. The internet stuff isn’t going to put me off, I’m going to have a poppy tattoo to celebrate the single going to No1.”

GOOD FOR YOU SAMANTHA! Don’t let small minded and weak people bring you down from this amazing achievement. It’s hard to believe this day in age people would bad mouth another person whose husband is fighting for their freedom. It’s deplorable. So enjoy your time with the Wives celebrating your success and please post a pick of that poppy flower once it’s done.

Watch Samantha lead the Military Wives Choir performance here


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One Response to Internet Trolls Abuse Tattooed Military Wife Online

  1. Absolutely awful. She has every right to express herself and people need to stop being so closed minded.

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