Tattoos meet Pop Art in “Quick & Painful” Video Wrap-up

BeasT.V. put together this awesome video which wraps up the 4-city “Quick & Painful” tour that took place this summer. The tour featured tattoo artists from around the country tattooing fans of pop art with their favorite images from artists Alex Pardee, Amanda Visell, Brandt Peters, Camilla D’Errico, David Horvath, Devilrobots, Frank Kozik, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Huck Gee, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Kathie Olivas, Pete Fowler, Ron English, Sam Flores, Shawn “Shawnimals” Smith, TADO, Tara McPherson, and Tokidoki.

Tattoo artists Joe Capobianco, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Tim Harris, Phil Young, Christian Perez, Jime Litwalk, Dan Smith, Patrick Cornolo, Jennifer Trok, Heath Rave, Sean Adams, and Scott White inked fans in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Haven, and Miami during Art Basel. Over 200 tattoos were done during the tour and the video shows a good chunk of them being done quick and painfully.

Flash prints from the pop artists are still available in limited quantities at The Hope Shop.


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