OZ Star opens “The Vault” Tattoo in New York

TMZ was the first to report former “Oz” star and Hells Angel badass Chuck Zito is opening the tattoo parlor equivalent of Fort Knox — decking out a massive, real-life bank vault in New York with tattoo chairs, neon lights, everything.

The old bank in Monroe, NY was built in 1915 — and Chuck tells TMZ, he’s already invested over $100,000 converting the vault into a 21st century skin ink workshop.

It’s pretty intimidating … the vault door weighs 70 tons — 140,000 pounds — and when it’s closed, it creates an airtight seal … so Chuck had to leave the original emergency ventilator intact.


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One Response to OZ Star opens “The Vault” Tattoo in New York

  1. mansion ridge says:

    Chuck zito is the biggest whimp ever and washed up has been!!! And this place is already out of business! ! Hi john carabba all ur stuffs on the curb!!! Haha

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