“Serenity Tattoo” opens up inside a Church

Flint, Michigan isn’t known for many good things. But Reverend Steve Bentley wanted to change that when he started an inter-denominational church called “The Bridge” as a way to get back people who want to attend church but feel that Christians were “hypocrites, fakes, crazy and judgmental”. His goal is remove barriers that keep young people away from church. He started the church in downtown Flint, right off the highway and encourages all ‘lost souls’ that God is there for them as he preaches in jeans and a t-shirt.

Recently Bentley took the next step in trying to attract a younger generation by allowing a tattoo shop to open up inside the church. “Serenity Tattoo” has two full time artists which cater to the devoted.

“I was running my own studio. I was just working. There wasn’t much purpose in it,” said one of the artists, a recovering alcoholic who said the atmosphere inside the church building has helped to keep him focused and on the right path. “I was struggling with whether I could keep my studio and stay sober”, he said. “I prayed a lot and decided the best thing was to close it and come to the church. I figured I could have a lot more positive impact here.”

Bentley says that he has heard people talking bad about the move, but insists that getting a tattoo is no different than piercing your ears. But if you think people are embracing the idea all you need to do is read the comments on the full article below and you can see people always think the worst.

Read the full article here


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