Sailor Jerry parties hard in 4 cities for 101st birthday

Sailor Jerry Rum is preparing to celebrate what would be Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins 101st birthday on Saturday, January 14th. The legendary tattoo artist left behind a legacy and hundreds of flash images that have stood the test of time.
Tomorrow, the rummaker is throwing events in 4 cities across the country –  The Chicago Tattooing Company in Chicago; Fineline Tattoo in New York City; Uptown Tattoo in New Orleans; and Formula Ink in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Each shop will host a celebration starting at noon and ending at midnight. During that time fans can choose from over 101 Sailor Jerry flash designs to have tattooed on them FOR FREE. So you might want to get their early. After you are tattooed you can then enjoy Sailor Jerry cocktails in nearby venues. Happy Birthday Sailor!

Just a side note in respect to “free tattoos” – the artists are doing this as a favor and for promotion, they are donating their time, ink, and supplies to tattoo you. It is customary to tip your tattoo artists graciously when you get a ‘free’ tattoo. So don’t just walk away, thank him or her with enough money to cover their time and supply expenses.


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