Pinkberry founder beats up homeless man over ‘offensive’ tattoo

This almost seems as a joke, but sadly, it’s not. One of the founders of the frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry, Young Lee, allegedly beat up a homeless man with a tire iron because he found the man’s sexually explicit tattoo offensive.

The confrontation happened at a Hollywood Freeway off-ramp this past June. According the the LAPD the homeless man approached Lee’s car asking for money when Lee and another man in the car chased the homeless man and beat him with a tire iron.

According to a statement by the district attorney’s office, Lee felt disrespected by the tattoo. Officials did not provide a detailed description of the tattoo or the extent of the homeless man’s injuries. It was confirmed that man does have a broken arm and welts on his head.

Lee is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 8 on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and was released Tuesday on $60,000 bail.

All we can say is that if this is in fact true, Lee is one disgusting human being and people should not support businesses that make people like this money. We hope that if he is found guilty he pays for his crime. In the meantime, say no to Pinkberry, even though they released a statement saying that he is no longer involved in the company he obviously still gets royalties from the chain. Cougar Town star Busy Philipps tweeted, “I just want to say, I hope the homeless man takes this a**hole for EVERYTHING.”


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2 Responses to Pinkberry founder beats up homeless man over ‘offensive’ tattoo

  1. Thats just shocking hope he sues and takes him for all hes got , what a scumbag !!!!

  2. Jay Perslip says:

    there is a huge presumption of guilt here. What if the homeless person had a swastika on his arm said some horrific racial slur to this guy? Not that it would justify his actions but it would probably take some of the mob sentiment/trial by media mentality that is going on in this blog. “According to a statement by the District Attorney’s office”, means according to a statement by an arm of legal prosecution whose job it is to assign guilt and make cases stick. They routinely tar suspects and create stories in the media to influence cases, everybody knows this. Without a reply from the accused, this discussion has absolutely no substance.

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