Misspelled Tattoos make Anderson Coopers “Ridiculist”

Misspelled tattoos happen quite often. Unfortunately some tattoo artists aren’t careful and the client puts too much faith in the ‘professional’ and doesn’t spell check the final work themselves. Word from the wise – Tattoo Artists Are Horrible Spellers. But that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of picking up a dictionary or plugging the word into Google before they make up a stencil. The fact that most tattoo artists are bad spellers doesn’t make it ‘ok’ for them to tattoo words freehand onto someone without making sure the spelling is 1000% correct.

Misspelled tattoos made it’s way onto Anderson Cooper’s “Ridiculist” this past September when a Boston Bruins hockey player was inked by a tattoo artist who didn’t have the decency to spell check when he tattooed the Stanley Cup Champion. The artist obviously didn’t even use a stencil cause that lettering is horrible.

The moral of this story – If you are getting wording tattooed, you better take responsibility for yourself and make sure YOU read the text 4-5 times to make sure everything is perfect – even have other people around you read just to make sure. The last thing you want a simple misspelling to overshadow your great tattoo work.

View the Ridiculist Video here


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