Worst Celebrity Tattoos

As you probably heard, the entire world is making a big deal out of Rihanna’s new “THUG LIFE” knuckle tattoos like it’s the most controversial headline since Ghaddafi’s death. Well the new tattoo inspired the NY Daily News, not the most respectable news publication in the world, to compose a photo gallery of what they claim to be “Worst Celebrity Tattoos”.

As you cruise through the 24 photos and read the commentary you will see that it’s pretty obvious that the article was written by someone who doesn’t like tattoos in general. Sure there are one’s that are misspelled, and there are horrid ones, but I don’t think I would go as far as to say they are the worst. Take a look at the gallery and let us know what you think.

View the “Worst Celebrity Tattoo” photo gallery


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2 Responses to Worst Celebrity Tattoos

  1. Matt W says:

    Agreed! While some of those are pretty bad (as in mis-spelled, badly done or ill-conceived) what the hell is Margaret Cho doing anywhere near this list? I saw her on a show here in Britian having not really known who she was and I thought it was awesome that not only is she funny and pretty smart, she’s sporting some sweet ink. My other objection would have to be Danny Trejo who’s ‘girl wearing a sombrero’ looked pretty well executed. No real surprise to see a high number of ex-lover’s names and whatnot being unceremoniously removed, but were they ever a good idea in the first place? I don’t think I’ll go getting my girlfriend’s name and we’ve been together for five years. Matching/complementary tats are fine, names are usually a bad idea. My girlfriend and her best friend have eachother’s names on their arms. That’s cool. Friendships last while relationships more often than not don’t!

  2. nova says:

    I’m so sick of people judging people’s tattoos like this. Get over yourself, whoever wrote that amazing piece of journalism.

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