Australian Police Force Banning Visible Tattoos

Looks like the Police Commissioner is trying to ‘clean up’ the force. New South Wales police officers will be banned from having visible tattoos under a new rule created to better the force’s public image.

The policy is in the final stages of approval and recommends banning all visible tattoos on police and new recruits coming into the force. The document recommends a new standard for cadets, meaning that anyone with prominent body art trying to join the police could be denied entry to the academy.

Discussions are also under way as to how existing officers with full-sleeve tattoos, or other prominent body art should be managed, with several options being considered. They range from asking officers to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to cover up the tattoos, to the more extreme measure of having them removed entirely.

“This is about professionalism and how you carry yourself in public,” NSW Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said. “We’ve identified more recruits coming in with full arm tattoos, or tattoos on their legs, and obviously some are on their necks and faces. “Does the community want someone knocking on their door with a Mike Tyson tattoo on their face or neck? I don’t think so.”

The initiative follows similar changes instituted in the Victorian Police last year banning beards and ponytails. British and American police forces have also taken steps to ban tattoos.


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2 Responses to Australian Police Force Banning Visible Tattoos

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  2. Michele Wells says:

    what a load of crap ….. if I was being robbed or assaulted I would not be worried if the officer had tattoos or not …. if he or she does his or her duties would be my only concern ….

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