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Tattoos on Women in the Workplace – What do you think?

I just read a recent article by Kristen Asleson in which she talks to several business owners about their thoughts of tattoos on Women in the workplace and if having a visible tattoo does in fact hinder your ability to find … Continue reading

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Tattoo of Boyfriend Leads to Facebook Breakup

You have to love Facebook for things like this. Some girl gets her boyfriends face tattooed on her arm and what ensues should be a lesson to everyone – Don’t be insane. (She should have used the the Tattoo Decision … Continue reading

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Tattoo Decision Flow Chart

You know, sometimes you just need a voice of reason when deciding to get a tattoo. The people over at helped us out by creating a very ‘helpful’ chart. So take a glance – but know that if you follow … Continue reading

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“Skin” Documentary Examines Tattoos as High Art

Directed by Ryan Hope, Skin is a dark, stylish examination of tattoo culture as high art, and a film that tests the boundaries of art and the human body. Featuring contributions from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Raymond Pettibon, the … Continue reading

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Photoshop Contest Inks up Celebrities and Models

Worth1000 recently held a contest for photoshop users that encouraged them to ‘tattoo’ celebrities and models. The project was entitled “Body Shop” and many entries were amazing (and some were horrid). So if you ever wondered what Jessica Alba or … Continue reading

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Australian Hotels and Restaurants Ban Patrons with Tattoos

From Rouse Hill in Sydney’s northwest to wealthy Double Bay in the east, signs are being erected warning patrons they will not be allowed in unless they cover up. The “no tattoo” policies followed NSW Police looking to ban tattoos … Continue reading

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Stylist Uses Tattoos to Disguise Men’s Baldness

Going bald upsets men more than bankruptcy or bachelorhood. But now there’s a cure set to save them money and heartache – by tattooing ‘hair’ on. For about £2,000 any man can look like they have a full head of … Continue reading

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Tattoo Devices one of the most smuggled Contraband in Prison

Figures released from a corrections facility show that there were more than 4,000 incidents of contraband seizure over the past year, with weapons, drugs and tattoo equipment high on the list. Of the 4,076 contraband seizures from 2010 to 2011, tattoo … Continue reading

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Center of Disease Control suggest you “Get Tattooed by Professionals”

It’s amazing that this is News and not just common knowledge. But I guess if you don’t say it in print you could be blamed for not saying anything. So here it is directly from the CDC: “A new report … Continue reading

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Artist Profile – Jime Litwalk

In an effort to have our readers get to know some of the artists we love The Hope Blog is starting a new section profiling artists that are shaping the industry in a positive way. The first in this series … Continue reading

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