Center of Disease Control suggest you “Get Tattooed by Professionals”

It’s amazing that this is News and not just common knowledge. But I guess if you don’t say it in print you could be blamed for not saying anything. So here it is directly from the CDC:

A new report has found that increasing trend of tattoos could levitate the risk of Hepatitis C infection in those who get tattoos. It is being said that those receive tattoos from their families or friends are risking themselves for Hepatitis C largely.

A team of analysts from the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study in which numerous studies of the past were taken into account. The analysis led the researchers to conclude that people who are keen to get tattoos and receive them from amateurs have a high risk of getting the infection.

Tattoos applied by amateurs could cause Hepatitis C infection as it is transmitted via contact with infected blood. And it does not risk people who get tattoos from professionals, thereby recommending that one should only get tattoos from a professional and not a friend.

The report has revealed that nearly 18,000 new blood-borne liver infections Hepatitis C occur every year in the US and amongst these, most of the infections are found in people who are injected heroin and similar drugs with infected needles or syringes. While in professional tattoo parlours, syringes, tattoo needles and razors are thrown after one time use, which protects the person getting tattoo from infection, told Dr. Rania A. Tohme, a medical epidemiologist at the CDC.

It has also been revealed by the report that medications are available for the chronic hepatitis C though. These may lead to severe side effects later such as nausea, headache and sleep problems. Thus, Tohme said, “Tattoos and piercings can transmit hepatitis C and other infections if performed under non-sterile conditions. People should not have tattoos or piercings done by friends or by people who are not trained professionals”.”


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