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Woman Wins Settlement for Lip Tattoo Mistake

A woman from Dublin, Ireland who was given cosmetic surgery as a birthday treat ended up with a tattoo line in the wrong place over her lip. Anne McCaffrey (62) was awarded €25,000 damages after she sued Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Ltd … Continue reading

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HBO’s “Game of Thrones” want you to Pledge your Allegiance – with a Tattoo

Although fans of HBO’s medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones, tend to write a lot about the show online, now there’s a new way for them to make a more lasting statement about the show. George R.R. Martin fans were already … Continue reading

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Pimp in Madrid Tattoos Barcodes on Young Girls

Such a sad and unfortunately true story reported to us by CNN. A Spanish National Police investigation into two Madrid prostitution rings led to the rescue of a captive 19-year-old woman who was tattooed with a barcode on her wrist … Continue reading

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“The Evolution of Tattoo Art” by Joe Capobianco

Hope’s own Joe Capobianco is set to be the head judge on Oxygen Networks “BEST INK” show, debuting tomorrow night at 10pm. In the wake of the premier Joe has been writing for various media outlets, one being the Huffington … Continue reading

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Artist Profile – Dan Smith

Dan Smith has been a busy boy this year with the release of his book “With the Light of Truth”. Between book signing tours, singing with his band “The Departed”, or tattooing Kirstie Alley on the Ellen, it’s anyone’s guess … Continue reading

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Nokia looks to Patent Vibrating Tattoo

A magnetic vibrating tattoo has to be one of the strangest patent applications in quite a while, but Finnish phone giant Nokia has filed a U.S. patent for just that. According to the patent application, Nokia is proposing “a material attachable … Continue reading

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82-Year Old Grandmother gets her first tattoo for Charity

The Eastbourne Herald reported the story of 82 year old June Seccombe who got her very first tattoo, a blue butterfly on her wrist, this weekend at a charity event to raise Beast Cancer awareness. “I thought it would hurt,” … Continue reading

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Florida Tattoo Shops Get Regulated

Statewide standards for the tattoo industry are beginning to take effect in Florida immediately. The tattoo regulation law passed in 2010 and started being implemented in January 2012. Under new rules, tattoo artists will have six months to obtain a license, … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Seaport Museum Hosts Tattoo Exhibit

Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum opened in 1995 right on the Philly waterfront. Since then it has held many exhibits about sea life and now it is currently showing “Past to Present — Tattoo Paintings.” It is the first exhibit in which the museum … Continue reading

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Undercover – Tattoo Magazine Issue 273

Features: Sabina Kelley, Andy Anderson, Sally Gilkey, Troy Trimble, Rebecca Potter, Rebecca Esser, Juston Goldston, Sean Powell Event Wrapups: Dan Smith’s Book Signing, Hell City Phoenix, Myrtle Beach Inkfest, Ink Life Amarillo Articles: Slinging Ink, Tattoo Times, Flash: Fabian Lezzi, In The … Continue reading

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