Woman Wins Settlement for Lip Tattoo Mistake

A woman from Dublin, Ireland who was given cosmetic surgery as a birthday treat ended up with a tattoo line in the wrong place over her lip. Anne McCaffrey (62) was awarded €25,000 damages after she sued Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Ltd in Dublin, which the court heard is now in liquidation.

The award included special damages to include the price of the original procedure at €254 and over €700 for lip pencils and make-up which the woman said she had to use to disguise the tattooed line.

Counsel for Ms McCaffrey, John Shortt, said she had attended an Advanced Cosmetic Surgery clinic in 2000 for semi-permanent “lip line treatment”. He said it was a “botched job”, leaving permanent disfigurement to the lower lip.

An examination by a consultant plastic surgeon four years after the operation revealed a pink line tattooed above her upper lip with a two to three millimetre gap between it and her upper lip.

He said a line had been put in the wrong place over Ms McCaffrey’s lips and it was visible at a conversational distance without make up.

He said the line over her top lip faded after seven years but the bottom line had not.

Ms McCaffrey said she was coming up to her 50th birthday and had decided to have the semi-permanent line as a treat. She said an anaesthetic cream was put on her lip but the lip line procedure was “dreadful and very painful”.

She said when she went home her friends thought she looked like a monster.

She said she did not know the line was crooked until the swelling went down.

She contacted the clinic who offered to fill in the gap between her lip and the tattooed line. They coloured in a temporary filler but Ms McCaffrey said she looked like a clown.

After the procedure she said she had to wear make-up all the time.

“I could not open the door without make-up. It was a treat for my birthday and it was a disaster,” she said.

This article was reposted from Tim Healy’s article on The Herald.


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