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LA Times reports on Chefs with food inspired tattoos

The LA Times recently did a great article on Chefs and their growing tattoo collections in the industry. The following article by Jessica Gelt is reposted in it’s entirety from the April 27th edition of the Los Angeles Times. Michael Voltaggio has no … Continue reading

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Mother and son get kicked out of Legoland because of “Offensive Tattoo”

Lana Massey and her son were asked to leave the Texas Legoland due to Massey’s “offensive body art”. Massey took to posting the details of the incident on the Church of Body Modification forum and has since gone viral. “My … Continue reading

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“Dear Abby” Touches on Tribute Tattoo

The popular advise column “Dear Abby” touches on the subject of tribute tattoos in today’s papers. Dear Abby: Two weeks ago I got a memorial tattoo done for my beloved grandma. It’s on my arm and says “in loving memory” at … Continue reading

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Minnesota changes blood donation law for tattooed people

The tattooed people of Minnesota got some good news this past week. For years it’s been a state requirement to wait 12 months before you’re able to give blood, but that regulation is now a thing of the past. For many … Continue reading

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Tax Season means Tattoo Season

We haven’t posted in a few days as we were away at the Coachella Festival, but fear not as we are back in action. We hope you filed your taxes yesterday! And for those of you getting a refund, what … Continue reading

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Jime Litwalk Sketch Sale April 25th

Time to set your watches! Tattoo artist Jime Litwalk is doing a major sketch sale this April through The Hope Shop. 38 original sketches will be available for sale on the 25th starting at 1pm sharp. That means you can own … Continue reading

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PBS Arts explores Tattoos in “Off Book” web series

OFF BOOK, now in its second season, is a web-only series from PBS Arts that expands the definition of art. Each episode explores a cutting-edge genre that invites you to engage with the artists and creative process. Their recent ‘exhibition’ as … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Town Passes Law for 14-year olds get Tattooed?!?!

Shame on the community leaders in Webster, Mass who passed a law allowing children as young as 14-years old the opportunity to get tattooed. And get this – their reasoning is to ensure public health?! The Webster Board of Health … Continue reading

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Cat reunited with owner after 15-years thanks to tattooed ear

Never give up hope! BBC News reported a stray cat missing for 15 years in the Munich area of southern Germany is to be reunited with his lady owner, the city’s animal sanctuary says. The emaciated ginger tom was found in woods … Continue reading

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Museum of Art Presents “Tattoo Honolulu” Exhibition this June

Need a reason to go to Hawaii? Starting June 12, 2012 The Honolulu Museum of Art will display a special exhibition entitled “Tattoo Honolulu“. The works will be on display in Hawaii until January of 2013 as the official press … Continue reading

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