Tax Season means Tattoo Season

We haven’t posted in a few days as we were away at the Coachella Festival, but fear not as we are back in action. We hope you filed your taxes yesterday! And for those of you getting a refund, what better way to spend it on some new work? In fact many people choose to get tattooed during tax season with the extra cash in their pocket as KAIT8 News reports.

Local tattoo shops in Missouri say they’re extra busy during tax season with people wanting to spend their tax returns.

“As soon as I got my tax return money, I came right up here,” said Cody Short. “I wanted to get it as a sleeve and all in color.”

Short got his tattoo, with his tax return money.

“Without the tax return money, I wouldn’t be able to start it as soon as I like, I’d still probably be saving,” said Short.

Tattoo shop owners in Cape Girardeau said Short isn’t the only one that puts tax return money into ink.

“This is definitely the busiest time of the year of course income taxes are coming back in,” said A Different Drummer Tattoo Shop Owner Chris Rose.

“They’ll say I’m expecting my income tax in 3 to 4 weeks, and set up an appointment for that time,” said Flesh Hound Tattoo Shop Owner Renee Gordon.

The shop owners said they make 40 to 50 percent of the entire year’s revenue in just three months of tax season.

“For some reason I think they really feel like it’s disposable money, like they didn’t have it in the first place so it’s like what are we going to do with it so let’s go get a tattoo,” said Rose.

“It was just extra, I had already paid my rent, paid my bills for that month, yeah it was just extra money and I love tattoos,” said Short.

Gordon said when people have money to spend, price doesn’t seem to be an issue.

“Especially this time of year, money is no object, that’s not the first question is how much does this cost, the question is when can I get it done,” said Gordon.

“When it becomes this time of year, people aren’t afraid to spend four, five, six hundred dollars,” said Rose.
Rose said the extra money, can bring extra creativity.

“They get bigger tattoos this time of year, because they’ve got more money to put in it, so they do a lot of custom stuff,” said Rose.

“When they live paycheck to paycheck, they don’t have a large sum of money all together at once to get what it is that they’re wanting,” said Gordon.

Rose says even the way people file their taxes can affect the popular tattoo season.

“It doesn’t last as long now as it used to,” said Rose. “It used to that it would take us all the way through May, but now, we’re getting about the middle of April, the end of April and it’s pretty much over with and the reason for that is everybody’s getting the instant rebates now.”

Even though it helps the business boom, Gordon said she wants people to think before they spend for ink.

“Just because you have the money in hand, give it some thought,” said Gordon.


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