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St. Louis contest tries to find “Worst Ink” for free laser removal

Looks like we have two tattoo removal stories back to back! Synergi MedSpa in Chesterfield, Missouri is searching for the two worst tattoos in all of St. Louis. Winners (or should it be Losers?) get their tattoos erased for free. All you need … Continue reading

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Tattoo Removal on the rise due to Unemployment?

A new report out this week indicates that more people nationwide are having their tattoos removed over concerns about employment. The study, from dermatology group “The Patients’ Guide,” shows that in the past year, 32-percent more tattoo removals occurred nationwide. … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Law Enforcement attend Tattoo Seminar

First 12 News in Oklahoma reported on an interesting event that took place in Ardmore this past weekend. Law enforcement officials attended a seminar on tattoos in order to see how more understanding could assist them in solving crimes and … Continue reading

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Glee’s Lea Michele talks tattoos on David Letterman

Glee’s Lea Michele appeared on David Letterman the other night and when Dave asked her about her tattoo she revealed that she in fact had 14 of them. But she admits that they are all soo small and in hidden … Continue reading

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A Painless Video about Tattoo Removal

The video might be painless to watch, but we guarantee that laser removal is no easy task. While Melissa Findley was on holiday in Australia she videotaped a few people getting Tattoo Laser Removal at Westside Laser Tattoo Removal. Some … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Rock Tattoos

I know the motto is “Go Big or Go Home”, but I guess that’s hard when you are getting tattooed in your own kitchen. Loudwire just unleashed their 3rd installment of “World’s Worst Rock Tattoos” and we though we’d share some … Continue reading

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Osaka Mayor tells employees to remove tattoos or find another job

We reported earlier on how a Japanese government surveyed employees about their tattoos, and now we are sad to say that those surveys and now being used to give employees the pink slip. The Guardian is reporting that the Mayor of Osaka is … Continue reading

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Tennessee Senate and House pass new Tattoo Law

We reported earlier on a Webster, MA law that was passed to allow 14-year olds to get tattooed in order to prevent them from getting tattooed by scratchers – which makes no fuckin sense at all. Well, now Nashville, TN … Continue reading

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2009 NBA ALL Star Tattoo Flash

Hydro74 designed a tattoo flash inspired apparel line for the 2009 NBA All Start Game. The design studio worked with Nike on the designs and execution. We stumbled upon the work and thought we’d share. Would any of you basketball fans … Continue reading

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YOLO tattoos are the latest trend

Remember people: Trends come and trends go, but tattoos are forever! “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) has taken over social media and the letters are now permanently marked on many young people who enthusiastically show them on Facebook and Twitter. Complex … Continue reading

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