Tennessee Senate and House pass new Tattoo Law

We reported earlier on a Webster, MA law that was passed to allow 14-year olds to get tattooed in order to prevent them from getting tattooed by scratchers – which makes no fuckin sense at all. Well, now Nashville, TN has taken a stab at cracking down on minors getting tattooed and their law actually makes sense and addresses the problems core!

A proposal in Tennessee that seeks to crack down on the tattooing of minors has been signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam. The measure, signed by the Republican governor this week, unanimously passed the Senate 31-0 and was approved 86-6 in the House.

The law makes it illegal for anyone who is unlicensed to possess tattooing paraphernalia. The measure also encourages reporting incidents of underage tattooing to the Health Department. Those making the report might be a police officer or someone in education, such as a teacher or school resource officer.

Currently, a person under 18 cannot get a tattoo. A 16-year-old can be tattooed to cover up an existing tattoo, but only if a parent or guardian is present.

Take note Webster! Making it illegal for scratchers and unlicensed tattooers to tattoo prevents underage kids from getting tattooed in the first place!


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2 Responses to Tennessee Senate and House pass new Tattoo Law

  1. Sierra says:

    This law is only going to end up causing teenagers to use dirty equipment. if they really want a tattoo they’ll find a way, having whoever they can find(which will be someone willing to break the law, im sure thats safe for them) do it with preused needles and god knows what unsanitary conditions. I’m not saying fourteen year olds need to be getting tattoos but its much safer for them to have it done by a professional than any random person willing to break the law

  2. brian sexton says:

    this is a every day thing for a14 /16 yr olds boys and girls to come in my shop and wanting tattooed, and with parent willing to sign for them to get tattooed because and I have to tell them state law says no, 18 and up that less its a cover up , and saying that in a couple days u will see that same kid got a scratcher or buddy or some one at a house that a person is using same needle on everyone walks threw there door and reusing inks or pigments and then they have a really messed up tattoo that looks so bad and there ashamed of and then want covered up and some are so bad that u cant do anything with so there stuck with really ugly really bad jailhouse looking tattoo have for rest of life so if there parent r going to let them and sign for them to get tattooed then let them get it done by professional I don’t think a 14 /16 yr old needs a tattoo but I don’t like the looks of a kid with there whole life in front of them with this crappy jail house looking tattoo on them that may or may not be able to fix or put some jail time to at least 5 yrs for tattooing unlicensed scratchers ,30 days they don’t care to spend 30 days . compared to the beer, crack , meth or cash . that there getting in return for 50 tattoos there doing a week 30day is a joke……..so16 with parent sig.is better than scratchers In every other house in America and infections form dirty needles reused inks let licensed tattoo artist do there job and keep at least 16 yr olds from making mistake of a life time …… thanks 20 yr licensed artist ..brian

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