St. Louis contest tries to find “Worst Ink” for free laser removal

Looks like we have two tattoo removal stories back to back! Synergi MedSpa in Chesterfield, Missouri is searching for the two worst tattoos in all of St. Louis. Winners (or should it be Losers?) get their tattoos erased for free.

All you need to do is post a picture of your tattoo on Synergi’s “Worst Ink” Facebook page by June 15 along with the story of how you ended up with that hideous “artwork” branded onto your body and why you need it removed. The person with the most “Likes” and the person deemed to have the best story by the staff at Synergi each get $1,500 worth of tattoo removal at the spa. (It generally takes 12-15 session to remove a normal-sized tattoo.)

So far just a couple people have entered the contest. But be warned. All contestants will face the guy pictured above, who writes on the competition’s Facebook page:

woke up one morning to find my arm hurting a lot. i looked at it and this is the mistake i had made the night before. i had a seizer (sic) from the thumbtack i used to do them with three weeks after. this is them, 2 years later.

No, you can’t fix stupid. But with Synergi’s “Q Switch” laser technology, you can erase it. Slowly.


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One Response to St. Louis contest tries to find “Worst Ink” for free laser removal

  1. Elaine Bowes says:

    I read about laser tattoo removal on your blog and and found it fascinating that treatments are spaced six weeks apart to allow the lymphatic system to flush the shattered tattoo ink from the body. I’m a new biomedical engineering student so this problem got me thinking if lab-designed hemoglobin-like proteins that bind with metals in the ink molecules could be injected subcutaneously to help flush them sooner. Proteins are organic molecules so the body would absorb any residuals and use the amino acids to build other proteins. Such treatments may offer the promise of removing tattoos faster and therefore the potential for higher revenues and profits.

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