Japanese artist combines Native American beadwork and Tattoos

Check out these amazing skills! Cool Hunting posted a great interview yesterday with serial experimenter, Eri Imamura. Her work marries disparate elements of mythology, Native American beadwork and tattoo culture to create life-sized textile sculptures. Collectively, they deal with man’s delicate relationship with nature, his propensity for materialism and Japan’s collective suffering following the 2011 earthquake. Each piece uses symbolic imagery to communicate a statement, with proceeds from the sales going to support the relief effort. “Justice” addresses the problem of nuclear energy in Japan, with a man brandishing a sword that points either to a white snake or the nuclear symbol. “Fate” posits that Japan’s second nuclear disaster could be punishment for wrongs against the natural world, and “Freedom” lightens the series with a prayerful hope of regeneration and freedom from desire.

Intrigued by the artist’s fascinating process and cultural ambition, Cool Hunting caught up with Imamura to learn more about her work. Read the Interview Here


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One Response to Japanese artist combines Native American beadwork and Tattoos

  1. travis says:

    Very cool!

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