Jean Paul Gauliter Tattoos Diet Coke

At first I didn’t quite get the Jean Paul Gauliter x Diet Coke campaign and why it was marketed as being “Tattoo” related. But then after seeing some newly released images and the video (below) I can see where they are coming from.

Normally we would roll our eyes at a fashion designer trying to be ‘cool’ by incorporating tattoos into the mix in order to be ‘edgy’, yet still refuse to hire tattooed employees or models. But Jean Paul has a long history of expressing his love for body art,  incorporating tattoo artwork in his designs, and also hiring tattooed models to work the runways in his shows. He genuinely seems to appreciate tattoos so we aren’t rolling our eyes at his latest collab with Diet Coke.

As part of the campaign Coke also released this video to accompany the new designs. Watch Jean Paul give a special lady a full makeover, including new tattoos.


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