Editor appeals for people to “Respect the Ink”

An editor at The Courier recently wrote an article entitled “Inked skin is a personal choice and should be repected”. We thought it was a good read, what do you think?

LOVE them or loathe them, tattoos have become a popular “accessory” in recent years. People of all ages and socio-economic groups are choosing to be inked and the word “choose” is very important in the tattoo debate. Just like people who choose body piercings, a hair colour change or a new style of dress, the decision to be tattooed is a person’s choice and should be respected. While some say the nightclubs’decision to refuse entry to patrons with exposed tattoos is their prerogative, the ban may, in fact, be breaking the law.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity Rights Commission said that banning nightclub patrons because of their exposed tattoos could be a breach of the Equal Opportunity Act 20120, unless the tattoos were offensive. Since Saturday’s story in The Courier about Craig Knight and Joshua Jewell claiming to be banned from two popular nightspots in Ballarat because of their extensive tattoos, this newspaper’s website has been inundated with comments from both sides of the debate.

Siding with the nightclubs, FJ wrote: “Welcome to the real world. Like it or not getting tattoos up your neck is going to cause many people to discriminate against you. It may be illegal, but the fact remains many people will judge you for having visible tattoos .”

While in support of the men who made the claims, Just Me wrote: “For crying out loud, people who are ink’d aint all bad … our ink tells a story, maybe it’s one of loss. Just because a person is ink’d does not mean they are criminals…”

While the adage of “never judge a book by its cover” should be a mantra all people live by, unfortunately many people do make decisions on first appearance.

Without even knowing a person’s personality or qualities, some people judge others on their looks. Whether it’s for a job interview or just a casual passing in the street, people who have extensive visible tattoos are judged on those tattoos.

Yes, the decision now to get a tattoo may be regretted later in life, but that, too, is a choice. Maybe those are contemplating getting tattoos should consider where they are displayed, but that, too, is a personal choice and should be respected as such.


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2 Responses to Editor appeals for people to “Respect the Ink”

  1. Leora Freemantle says:

    It is true, people unfortunately judge on appearance !!!!

  2. Matt says:

    “It may be illegal, but the fact remains many people will judge you for having visible tattoos.”

    I can’t help but wonder that if it was any other type of illegal discrimination, the author of this passage would be so quick to defend it…

    We have a short memory in the West and nowhere is it more apparent than in our discussions of discrimination. We take for granted that racism and sexism are not ‘acceptable’ in our society in spite of the fact that they still persist, albeit illegally and, increasingly, covertly. Anti-tattoo discrimination remains overt, in spite of it being illegal. We should not tolerate attempts to legitimise discrimination of any kind and we should recall our own recent past where racism and sexism was commonplace and received the endorsement of the law.

    Whether or not the difference that we judge against is by choice or by birth, we should not judge against it. Content of a person’s character and all that…

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