Artist Profile – Travis Franklin

We are so excited about the “My Life at 150dpi” art show coming up August 11th at Hope Gallery. In anticipation for the show we wanted to introduce you to tattoo artist and painter – Travis Franklin. Read his bio below, check out his work and then come to the art show here at Hope on August 11th!

Travis Franklin, 37, was born and raised in Louisville KY.  He is sincerely self taught in painting and other mediums.  Coming from a turbulent childhood, Travis found an outlet in art.  He started drawing as a child like most kids, but it wasn’t just drawing.  He would tool around in his dads garage and the yard making cars, planes, robots and other things out of pipe fittings wood and bolts.  His first painting was at 14.  It was a snow scene inspired by Bob Ross’s work.  He painted horse racing helmets, golf bags, animal portraits, many portraits of passed family members, landscapes and murals of all sorts.

Tattooing he credits Tattoo Charlie, one of the first 50 tattoo artist in the US, for letting him in the industry at 17 and Keith Miller for showing him how to tattoo.  He did his first hand poked tattoos at 13, which is still on his hand today.

Travis was inspired by Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Brom and the many masters.  He believes in keeping his distance from most art work now as to not get infected by it. The best way for him to show his respect for art and artists is to not rip them off. His work is his and that is important to him.  With so much content in the world already, he feels his contribution must be an honest one.

Travis says:  “I enjoy the work of art, from the part of inspiration to around where you realize the piece won’t be what you wanted it to be.  After, if you worked hard enough… you might inspire, teach or make others happy. That is where the real payoff is. “He credits art for everything he’s accomplished in his life.  He feels it refines his otherwise negative energy into something positive and tangible. He’s grateful to be an American artist.

Travis met his wife, Melanie, in 1997 in Ft Lauderdale.  From there they traveled the country and sold his tattoo flash and art on the road.  In 2000, after living in Las Vegas for a year, they decided to move back to Florida and make Sarasota their home.

Travis opened Oddity Tattoo Studio and Gallery in 2003.  His studio is an even mix of Art and Tattooing.  A place where anyone, even if not seeking tattoos, would feel comfortable and even may be inspired.

Travis feels so lucky to be surrounded by such good and talented people in his studio and life.

Shop Info: Oddity Tattoo in Sarasota, FL



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