“Tattoo Rescue” premieres on Spike TV

Spike TV really wants to position itself as the channel you turn to for tattoo related programming. After the success of Ink Masters it looks like Spike is moving forward with Tattoo Nightmares and a show that premiered last night called Tattoo Rescue.

Following the same format as the network’s show Bar Rescue (which in return is a complete rip of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares); Tattoo Rescue centers on “Joey Tattoo” and his team of experts as they travel the country transforming failing tattoo studios into profitable businesses.

We watched the premiere last night and have to say that we were rather impressed. Joey Tattoo obviously has to deal with oblivious owners, tattooers that don’t take pride in their job, and shops with health code violations. We appreciate the attention paid to the health code standards. It’s not just a show where a guy comes in and makes the shop pretty – he stands firm on making sure the artists are taking care of their clients safety.

The show might also be an eye opener for clients and hopefully educate them on what to look for when they go into a tattoo shop for work. Education is key and we are hoping that future episodes benefits both shop employees and clients to take pride in their work.


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20 Responses to “Tattoo Rescue” premieres on Spike TV

  1. Joey Tattoo says:

    Just want to say thanks for watching and I am glad it can be seen that I sincerely believe the public needs to be educated on what to look for when choosing an artist and a shop. Getting tattooed or pierced is not a joke and some people take the business too lightly. Joey Tattoo

    • jason says:

      Hey just watching, great show, interesting and informative. I’ve been getting tattooed for nearly 15 years, here in the US and in my native England. When does the season proper actually start, not seeing anything on my Comcast/Spike listings. Cheers.

  2. Lorraine Dunning says:

    Great job & CONGRATS to Joey, Sammy & the crew. You have a hit here 🙂

  3. Gene Stribling says:

    I have a BAD tattoo fro 38 years now HELP

  4. Samantha Petrino says:

    Amazing show!!! Hope to see more of it. Great pilot episode!!!!

  5. Kara Gonzalez says:

    Doug and I thought it was great 😉 Great Job Joey oxox

  6. Ryan Frye says:

    ya i want more of the show dangit loved it me and my brother have been waiting for signs of new episodes hope u get picked up it would easily make it to several seasons or until u decided to pass the guard in the tattoo crusade.COME ON SPIKKEEE!

  7. Mike Torres says:

    Joey is there a way to get a mailing address to send you an Armrest. aspeedrepair@gmail.com
    Mike Torres

  8. Pam Malone says:

    more people need to watch the show and learn what to look for in a good shop and artist, thanks for the lessons.

  9. This article, “Tattoo Rescue premieres on Spike TV |” illustrates the fact that you actually
    know what you are speaking about! I really completely agree.
    Many thanks ,Teresita

  10. is this show still airing and how do I submit my shop for rescue

    • Joey Tattoo says:

      Thanks for your support Teresita! Tune in to Tattoo Rescue on Spike TV 10pm Sundays to see more!

    • Joey Tattoo says:

      Sonia, yes, the show is airing every Sunday, 10pm on Spike TV…TATTOO RESCUE…if you go to the website, and scroll to bottom you will see the link to click on for OPEN CASTING CALLS for shops that need a Rescue. Thank you for reaching out!

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