Hell City Tattoo Presents: A Black & Grey Seminar by Phil Young


HELL CITY Tattoo Fest 2013 is taking place April 19th-21st in Killumbus, Ohio. As part of the exciting list of events there will be seminars every day of the convention. One seminar in particular is the “Achieving Superior Black & Grey Portraits Through the Use of Visual Illusions” by fellow Hope Gallery artist – Phil Young.

You can book your spot in advance for $130 through Paypal (phil@hopegallerytattoo.com) or pay $150 at the convention.

“Achieving Superior Black & Grey Portraits Through the Use of Visual Illusions” – A Seminar by PHIL YOUNG

Have you ever wondered what separates an amazing portrait from all the rest? Believe it or not, a great portrait is not achieved through technique and good equipment alone! The secret lies in how your eye perceives the image.

This course will focus on learning how to identify proper contrast, location, shape and balance for each new portrait you take on as well as how to tell at a glance what pictures will (or wont) work for portrait reference. We will discuss how the body will distort the image, both immediately and throughout the course of the client’s life and what steps you can take during your pre-tattoo preparation to combat it. We will also go through Photoshop editing your reference photos, stencil lining, contrast approaches based on the client’s skin tone, how to properly use a black line in portraiture, depth and longevity, and properly photographing the piece afterwards.

Our focus in this seminar will be portraiture, however when you have left, I want each of you to take with you the knowledge you’ll need to conquer visual illusions in all tattoo subject matter!

About Phil Young
Tattooing for seven years and starting at Hope Gallery in 2008, Phil Young’s formal art training was drawing all the freaking time. Phil spends most of his spare time trying to combine painting, wiffle ball, Star Wars, and guitar shredding into one sport to be recognized by the Olympic Committee. And he will continue to tattoo until his dream of becoming a ninja astronaut is realized.

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