“Pinned & Sewtured” by Anatar Gagne at Hope Gallery


This March Hope Gallery is excited to present “Pinned & Sewtured”, a a large collection of Anatar Gagne’s work. Every puppet has a unique and sincere personality; introspective coupled with dark humor. Others are innocent, silly.and just plain hairy. All are influenced by people, pop culture, her love for sci fi, and major life events. And they are all ready to tell you their tale!

Born in Venezuela and raised in Caracas Anatar Gagne was influenced by the works of Jim Henson as early as the age of 2; immediately becoming a muppetholic. Always driven by her creative side, she began drawing and writing at a young age. While working with her mother, she honed her sewing skills and developed a love for sci fi and pop culture selling toys at conventions with her father. All of these influences came together when she started making puppets, which pull from all aspects of her life. After this long journey, she has finally found the perfect union that incorporates her dark humor and her love and passion for puppets.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16th at 7pm
Hope Gallery, 835 Woodward Ave, New Haven, CT 06512



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  1. Juddsireech says:

    Was not aware of the tattooing of the captured by the Native American ,Iinteresting
    Very ..

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