Screen Crush Writer Nick Romano hates your Superman Tattoo

worst_superman_tattoos is a website dedicated to TV and Movies, so you’d think they would be a little open minded when it came to personal expression in media, well think again. Saturday the website posted an “Original Feature” by writer Nick Romano entitled  “10 Worst Superman Tattoos”. Now everyone loves a good car wreck so of course we bit the tag line and headed on over to see what the gallery had to offer…

Well as it turned out Nick had posted just about ANY Superman tattoo as an example of a bad one. Nick, who I can only imagine doesn’t have a single tattoo or maybe has one small kanji symbol hidden somewhere, was straight up hating on good tattoos. Now not all of them were great, some of them weren’t very good – but they are in no way “The Worst”.

It’s amazing that website with a decent reputation would allow their writers to to make fun of tattooed fans like “Many tattoo enthusiasts try to emulate this same badass-ness by permanently attaching that “S” to their bodies, but one should never get it in the form of a ripped-skin tattoo” and “We’ve been told by many tatted-up individuals that their biggest regret was not getting their first tattoo large enough. In this case, we think the real regret is pretty clear.” (Yes, he said “tatted-up individuals”)

According to Nick bad tattoos are not ‘bad’ because of design or poor technique, but size. The bigger the tattoo, the worse it is. This is a stellar example of people writing about topics they know NOTHING about. If you don’t like tattoos, that’s fine, but don’t make it your job to act like an expert on something you obviously have no clue about!

So here is his elitist article complete with 2 of the 10 smart ass comments he made on other peoples tattoos. Feel free to head over to the Screen Crush Facebook page and join the many other people who are commenting on the article.

“Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel,’ the latest retelling of the Superman origin story, is hitting theaters this year — as was apparent by the epic trailer that hit back in December. And as we’ve gathered from studying the fans of superhero movies, we’ve noticed an untraditional approach to showing appreciation for highly-anticipated movies and iconic characters.

Unlike Twi-hards or Harry Pot-heads, you won’t see Superman enthusiasts (well, many Superman enthusiasts) donning red capes and spandex suits to the midnight showings. Instead, they’ll opt to show their love for the comic book character in a more permanent expression — utterly horrible tattoos!

It’s one thing to get the Superman “S” logo emblazoned on your body, but an entirely different message conveyed when people see it tearing through your flesh through a larger-than-life ripped-skin tat — which brings us to our first offender of the 10 worst Superman tattoos…”


“One of Superman’s most coveted qualities is his ability to endure an onslaught of bullets without getting so much as a scratch. However, decorating your body — or shoulder — in praise of this will not grant you the same superpower.
We just feel bad for anyone who has to stand next to this wife-beater-wearing gent. Makes for one uncomfortable wait in the DMV line.”

How does this make anyone uncomfortable?!


“We do have to give this guy props. According to a Flickr user, this particular tattoo design won the owner an honor at the NYC Tattoo Convention a while back.
However, once the shock and awe of seeing this comic book frame-infused Superman logo have died down, you still have a hard-to-cover-up symbol permanently covering your chest.”

Maybe he doesn’t want to cover it up and he is proud of his artwork.

Needless to say, after this article our crush on Screen Crush is over.


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2 Responses to Screen Crush Writer Nick Romano hates your Superman Tattoo

  1. Diane Platt says:

    I don’t see the issue with this at all? Why would someone say something like this about people he has no clue. Obvious this is their selection of artistic expression and even though i do not share the same love for the subject matter who is he to deny the work being of good quality? Please obviously this man is clueless about the art and the iconic nature of the subject and focusing too much on things he personally feels. Which if an art critic at best he fails at by not looking for any good qualities himself. Shame on him 😦

  2. Fatboy says:

    Great blog post. The author is obviously jealous he is too big of a wimp to get a tattoo. The majority of the tattoos he posted were good tattoos, with a few that were terrific. If you continue clicking thru the Superman photos and get to the Batman tattoos, the tattoos he shows there are more deserving of “worst” tattoos. This author is just trying to be the Ann Coulter of blogging to get someone to read his posts.

    (Yes, he said “tatted-up individuals”) – classic!

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