“Calaverita Chaos” opens at Hope Gallery Saturday, July 13th


Calaverita Chaos” Custom Skull Art Show
Opening Reception Saturday, June 13th, 7pm-10pm

Join us for a colorful collection of custom painted Calaveritas (’little skull’ in Spanish!) by a long roster of amazing artists from all across the country,and even some from across the sea. Blank Calaveritas and limited edition Glow-in-the-dark Sofubi calaveritas will be available for purchase the night of the show so you can take one home with you! Whatever is left from the opening will be available for sale online at The Hope Shop Monday, July 15th at 1pm EST.

Featuring original works by The Beast Brothers, Joe Capobianco, Julio Rodriguez,
Eric Merrill, Phil Young, Tim Harris, Christian Perez, Jason Butcher, Jesso,
Lianne Moule, Nic Skrade, Scotty Munster, Tom Strom, Obie Hughes, Kelly Doty,
Ernesto Nave, Teresa Sharpe, Gunnar, Myke Chambers, Jeff Ensminger, Jeff Gogue,
Dave Fox, Aaron Delvadova, Sean Herman, ZAM, Sara Martin, Carley Janine
Travis Franklin, Amber Carr, Hannah Aitchison, Vinn Lattanzi and Jime Litwalk.

Hope Gallery, 835 Woodward Ave, New Haven, CT 06512

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  1. jamie mortensen says:

    I feel bad tattoos can really make your life hell every time someone see it. I have a bad tattoo on my chest and do not have the income to fix it ! now every time I look at it it reminds me of all the foolish mistakes I made when I was partying and using drugs. I ‘am now four years sober and would love to fix this!

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