Hope Gallery Hosts: Steadfast Brand’s “Stay the Course” Art Show


Steadfast Brand‘s “Stay The Course Art Show”

Come join us at Hope Gallery Tattoo April 11th at 6pm!

Cocktails being poured by our friends from Ordinary New Haven, Steadfast Brand model search, finger food, and artwork from an amazing cast…

Russ Abbott, Gunnar Gaylord, Pale Horse, Ant Iannucci, Alex Nunez, Nick Wagner, Sole De Real, Craig Beasley, Chris Saint Clark, Maytee Bringas, Chris RWK, Sugar Fueled – Michael Banks, Dennis Pace, Creepy Jason, Mike Emmett, El Chimu, Andrew Montoya, Jason Kelly, El Pelavacas, Tyler Bredeweg, Dave Koenig, Steve LaMantia, Uncle Trashcan, Mora Villegas
Justin Wentzel, Dave Tevenal, James Vaugn, Hoffa, Gunnar Quispe, Zaya, Ish, Tony Ciavarro, Poch, London Reese, Gustavo Rimada, Erick Holguin, Nick Stegall, Craig Driscoll, DJ Tambe, Scotty Munster, Heidi Beers,
Chris Stuart, Hoffa, Eddie Stacey, Piper Rudich…

And more!



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