Hope Gallery’s 14th Anniversary Art Show “Dead Snow”


It’s that time again!! Join Hope Gallery as we celebrate our 14th anniversary with a dark art show, for the festive holiday season! See some of todays most talented artists from around the world take on this very entertaining theme…(totally open to interpretation) Opening Saturday, December 3rd at 6pm. Free admission. Booze, finger food and treats served throughout the evening. More info to follow.

Artists include:

Jeff Gogue, Jamie Henderson, Larry Brogan, Scotty Munster, Richard Andrews, Robert Kane, Tony Campise, Dave Koenig, Nikko Hurtado, Mario Rosenau, Latisha Wood, Victor Chil, John Saletra, Rain Delmer, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, Joe Capobianco, Tim Harris, Phil Young, Christian Perez, Ralph Giordano, Ryan Mullins, Lindsay Baker, Russ Abbott, X Brushes of Doom, Jerald Tidwell, Phil Garcia, Tylor Schwarz, Travis Franklin, Roman Abrego, Stefano Alcantara, Doug Billian, Tommy Helm, Jay Langer, Carlos Torres, Johnny Arias, Vince Lattanzi, Marvin Silva, Sam Fiorino, Halo, Shane Baker, Mike Ledger, Eddie Stacey, Joseph Michael Linsner, Matt Mrowka and more!!


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