Metamorphosis: Beer Dinner and Art Show

You may remember our 3B’s (Beer, Bourbon and Bugs) event from a while back….
Well, we are taking it to a whole new level with a two part event.

Hope Gallery Tattoo presents:
“Metamorphosis: Changing the Human Perspective”

Opening with a limited seating, 4 course beer dinner featuring Chef Dave Foster and Counterweight Brewing.

Fine dining with unexpected ingredients.

Chef Foster will be including different insects in each course, changing the way we humans perceive the creatures around us, while the gang at Counterweight provide the perfect beers to wash it down!

Tickets for the dinner are on sale now at

Those who take part in this fine feast will have the first opportunity to comfortably view and purchase artwork from artists around the world!

Christian Perez has put together an amazing line up to join him in expressing their visions on beetle shaped wood cut outs. Designed by Christian and made by Romine Woodworks, the artists will have complete freedom in theme. We are beyond excited to see what they come up with.

Once dinner is complete, the shop will open to the public at 9pm for the unveiling of the Beetle Board Project!

No tickets necessary, free admission…and there may still be some creepy crawlies available for the curious folk out there..

Mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and expand your minds and palates with us!!!

Dinner Menu:

Welcome Beverage:
Counterweight Workhorse Pilsner

First Course:
Buttermilk fried frog legs, smashed purple tater salad, biscuits with drone bee pupae infused honey butter.
Paired with: Counterweight Ein Helles

Second Course:
Black fly hand rolled rough cut pasta with meal worm bolognese
Paired with: Counterweight FestBier

Third Course:
Flat iron steak with buffalo dung beetle burgundy reduction
Paired with: Counterweight Superflous IPA

Four Course:
Lemon curd, black ant crepes with thyme scented whipped cream
Paired with: Counterweight Bourbon Barrel Maple Stout

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