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How to Fix A Bad Tattoo Video

Have a bad tattoo that you need fixed? Don’t worry, Misha is here to help!

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Wired Magazine presents the 1981 Trailer for “Tattoo”

Wired Magazine did us a favor and posted this gem on YouTube a few days ago. Have you seen this movie?

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David Letterman’s Top 10 dedicated to “Romney/Ryan Tattoo Guy”

The election may be over, but not for pro-wrestler Eric Hartsburg. Eric offered on e-bay to tattoo his face to the highest bidder on eBay and got $15,000 to put the Romney-Ryan logo on his temple. He’s been getting a … Continue reading

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Tattoo Fight Club squares off on Instagram

Las Vegas Weekly released an interesting article today on a “Tattoo Fight Club” which is taking place on Instagram. What started as a joke between two tattooers is now trending on the photo app. It’s a great concept and we … Continue reading

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Making Fun of Tattoos – A Collection of Comics

Everyone has to laugh once in a while, so we put together a collection of comics we found that feature tattoos. Take a look and see if any of them make you chuckle. Do you know of a comic that … Continue reading

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A Collection of Super Fan Tattoos posted an article a while ago highlighting “Hideously Bad Celebrity Fan Tattoos”. It’s a pretty big collection but we want to know – Which ones do you think are the best and the worst??

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World’s Worst Rock Tattoos

I know the motto is “Go Big or Go Home”, but I guess that’s hard when you are getting tattooed in your own kitchen. Loudwire just unleashed their 3rd installment of “World’s Worst Rock Tattoos” and we though we’d share some … Continue reading

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The Futur(ama) of Tattooing

An artist by the name of Thaefer did this cute tattooed version of everyone’s favorite robot – Bender! Check out his blog for images of other tattooed characters.

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Tattoo of Boyfriend Leads to Facebook Breakup

You have to love Facebook for things like this. Some girl gets her boyfriends face tattooed on her arm and what ensues should be a lesson to everyone – Don’t be insane. (She should have used the the Tattoo Decision … Continue reading

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Tattoo Decision Flow Chart

You know, sometimes you just need a voice of reason when deciding to get a tattoo. The people over at helped us out by creating a very ‘helpful’ chart. So take a glance – but know that if you follow … Continue reading

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