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How to Fix A Bad Tattoo Video

Have a bad tattoo that you need fixed? Don’t worry, Misha is here to help!

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Wired Magazine presents the 1981 Trailer for “Tattoo”

Wired Magazine did us a favor and posted this gem on YouTube a few days ago. Have you seen this movie?

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David Letterman’s Top 10 dedicated to “Romney/Ryan Tattoo Guy”

The election may be over, but not for pro-wrestler Eric Hartsburg. Eric offered on e-bay to tattoo his face to the highest bidder on eBay and got $15,000 to put the Romney-Ryan logo on his temple. He’s been getting a … Continue reading

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Tattoo Fight Club squares off on Instagram

Las Vegas Weekly released an interesting article today on a “Tattoo Fight Club” which is taking place on Instagram. What started as a joke between two tattooers is now trending on the photo app. It’s a great concept and we … Continue reading

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Making Fun of Tattoos – A Collection of Comics

Everyone has to laugh once in a while, so we put together a collection of comics we found that feature tattoos. Take a look and see if any of them make you chuckle. Do you know of a comic that … Continue reading

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A Collection of Super Fan Tattoos posted an article a while ago highlighting “Hideously Bad Celebrity Fan Tattoos”. It’s a pretty big collection but we want to know – Which ones do you think are the best and the worst??

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World’s Worst Rock Tattoos

I know the motto is “Go Big or Go Home”, but I guess that’s hard when you are getting tattooed in your own kitchen. Loudwire just unleashed their 3rd installment of “World’s Worst Rock Tattoos” and we though we’d share some … Continue reading

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