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Oklahoma Law Enforcement attend Tattoo Seminar

First 12 News in Oklahoma reported on an interesting event that took place in Ardmore this past weekend. Law enforcement officials attended a seminar on tattoos in order to see how more understanding could assist them in solving crimes and … Continue reading

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Tennessee Senate and House pass new Tattoo Law

We reported earlier on a Webster, MA law that was passed to allow 14-year olds to get tattooed in order to prevent them from getting tattooed by scratchers – which makes no fuckin sense at all. Well, now Nashville, TN … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Town Passes Law for 14-year olds get Tattooed?!?!

Shame on the community leaders in Webster, Mass who passed a law allowing children as young as 14-years old the opportunity to get tattooed. And get this – their reasoning is to ensure public health?! The Webster Board of Health … Continue reading

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“Scary Guy” Promotes Anti-Bullying in Schools

Schools worldwide book him to put a stop to bullying. One Minnesota community promised him $20,000 to get him to come to town for two weeks last fall. He calls himself The Scary Guy, and his price tag can run … Continue reading

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Can Medical Tattoos Be Legally Binding?

The following article is by Maria Sudekum Associated Press Tattoos have long served as fashion statements, but a small number of Americans are now relying on them for a more practical, potentially lifesaving purpose: to warn first responders about important … Continue reading

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Tattoo Devices one of the most smuggled Contraband in Prison

Figures released from a corrections facility show that there were more than 4,000 incidents of contraband seizure over the past year, with weapons, drugs and tattoo equipment high on the list. Of the 4,076 contraband seizures from 2010 to 2011, tattoo … Continue reading

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Center of Disease Control suggest you “Get Tattooed by Professionals”

It’s amazing that this is News and not just common knowledge. But I guess if you don’t say it in print you could be blamed for not saying anything. So here it is directly from the CDC: “A new report … Continue reading

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