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Olympic Athletes sport a lot of ink at this years Games

The Olympics are in full swing with athletes from all over the World competing for medals. A lot of skin shows during these games and lucky for us The Baltimore Sun put together a gallery featuring 40 different athletes sporting … Continue reading

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2009 NBA ALL Star Tattoo Flash

Hydro74 designed a tattoo flash inspired apparel line for the 2009 NBA All Start Game. The design studio worked with Nike on the designs and execution. We stumbled upon the work and thought we’d share. Would any of you basketball fans … Continue reading

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Van Halen teams up with ESPN for Tattoo Contest

Everyone is talking about the new single by Van Halen entitled “Tattoo”. Well now, in a very odd cross promotion Van Halen has teamed up with Sports Channel ESPN to giveaway an all expense paid trip to see the band … Continue reading

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Tattoo debuts at Puppy Bowl VIII

It is true that his debut at Puppy Bowl VIII was less than a stellar performance without a single touchdown, but we still fell in love with Aussie Mix named Tattoo. Remember that all the players in Puppy Bowl are … Continue reading

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Misspelled Tattoos make Anderson Coopers “Ridiculist”

Misspelled tattoos happen quite often. Unfortunately some tattoo artists aren’t careful and the client puts too much faith in the ‘professional’ and doesn’t spell check the final work themselves. Word from the wise – Tattoo Artists Are Horrible Spellers. But … Continue reading

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Sullen asks the “Tattoo Terror” 21 Questions

Sullen Clothing recently posted an interview with the one and only Johnny Cisneros to see what the “Tattooed Terror” is all about outside of the octagon. Johnny is relatively new to the sport of MMA having a pro record of 4-0 and counting. … Continue reading

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Shaq has to pay $1,000 for Tattoo Dare

Last week on “Inside the NBA”, Shaquille O’Neil said that he’d pay $1,000 to see someone get a tattoo of Charles Barkley kissing Dick Bavetta from the 2007 All-Star Weekend. Well, Shaq has to put his money where his mouth is now cause Emmet Bentley, … Continue reading

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The 25 Best Tattoos in the MMA

Bleacher Report just put out an article titled, “The Best 25 Tattoos in the MMA” which includes a gallery of all of the ink the UFC stars are adorned with. Im not sure if the title correctly describes the gallery … Continue reading

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Mat Hoffman Tattoos “Live Life to Die Happy”

So BMX Pro Mat Hoffman isn’t a tattoo artist, but he has been inking up his Extreme sports buddies with a logo that he has said signifies “Live Life to Die Happy”, a smiley face with two “X” eyes. This … Continue reading

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