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  1. David says:

    is this the site advertised on spike tv’s ink masters. Where we send in our picture and story about a tattoo nightmare? If not do you know what the site address is? Thanks

  2. West side wally says:

    Pick me I got a tatoo when I was 16and I drunk and high now I know ive made some bad decions when I was younger hell I still make um bad decions from time to time but I think those bad ass tatoo artist at tatoo nite mare maybe able to help me fix one

  3. Tattoo nightmaresmy name is joe and i have a tat done when i was 18 and now im forty the tat is on my right arm it is suppose to be a dragon but you cant tell what it is its a cover up under neith of it i would like to have it fixed or covered up if possible

  4. Rich Albertson says:

    Hi tattoo nightmares I have a tattoo I desperately need covered up.I got the tattoo when I was 15yrs old.would u please help me.i hate looking at it.thank you very much

  5. Jordan smith says:

    I have a tattoo on my left foot that I had gotten when I was underage from a friend. I was told it was an Italian word that mental family but I don’t think it does. I have 10 other tattoos but I can’t stand this one. I don’t ever let anyone see my feet. I even wear socks with sandals. I desperately want it covered and I would like it done by people who know what their doing.

  6. Tiffani Lawson says:

    Hey guys!!! Love your show! I have a tattoo nightmare myself! (SHOCKER, HUH) Worst part is, I got it right after my mom passed away and wanted to get something in memory of her. It’s across my ribs so I went thru pain for a shitty result and love for any one of you guys to make it a tattoo she would love! I am in Oklahoma and a single mom, so finding someone like you to fix it would be AWESOME! Tell me how I can, please!

  7. Brandi E. Lamb says:

    Not gonna say “pick me ,pick me, ” just .say picutres say a thousand words & then some. This a cover up of what stated off to be a f***d up ” trible” with a Rose in the center of it.
    That one ended up crooked as all hell. The rose looked an ink blob. & come to find out all done with a single needle while i was laying on the kitchen floor. I did my ivestigating.. of the 3 he done that day Mine was more than jacked up!!!! — Then 6yrs later went for a cover up .. i. love dragons. Yes i went for it. .well this guy was so heavy handed oh damn . It hurt. & he only did the out line then disappeared. Now I Am asked “Is that an Armadillo” cant imagine. What that feels like. I hate it so much . My lil cuz statrting off i said how much damage can he do with ONLY coloring it in. . Well there is my story. I do so desperately do need help. I will go threw how ever much pain i have to just to get this to where i can be ok to. where cute shirts and play in the water with my kids. And not be embarrassed. Oh Yes i nver said where. It is locted….. ” tramp stamp ” i am 35 yrs old please help me. I will be more than happy to send a picture so u can then see what i am saying..

  8. Tawny Lee says:

    Take a look at Kericure Natural Seal for your next tattoo! It really rocks and keeps it protected while it heals. Just spray it on and go…dries clear and is waterproof. No oozy mess. Reduces scarring and protects the art. You will really dig how well it works

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