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YOLO tattoos are the latest trend

Remember people: Trends come and trends go, but tattoos are forever! “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) has taken over social media and the letters are now permanently marked on many young people who enthusiastically show them on Facebook and Twitter. Complex … Continue reading

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Grammar and Spelling – it’s in the details…

The website HappyPlace.com has compiled a great group of photos that reminds you to make sure your tattoo doesn’t need one extra letter, one less letter, an apostrophe, or a comma. Whenever it’s time for you to get words permanently etched … Continue reading

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Tax Season means Tattoo Season

We haven’t posted in a few days as we were away at the Coachella Festival, but fear not as we are back in action. We hope you filed your taxes yesterday! And for those of you getting a refund, what … Continue reading

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“The Evolution of Tattoo Art” by Joe Capobianco

Hope’s own Joe Capobianco is set to be the head judge on Oxygen Networks “BEST INK” show, debuting tomorrow night at 10pm. In the wake of the premier Joe has been writing for various media outlets, one being the Huffington … Continue reading

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Photoshop Contest Inks up Celebrities and Models

Worth1000 recently held a contest for photoshop users that encouraged them to ‘tattoo’ celebrities and models. The project was entitled “Body Shop” and many entries were amazing (and some were horrid). So if you ever wondered what Jessica Alba or … Continue reading

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Australian Hotels and Restaurants Ban Patrons with Tattoos

From Rouse Hill in Sydney’s northwest to wealthy Double Bay in the east, signs are being erected warning patrons they will not be allowed in unless they cover up. The “no tattoo” policies followed NSW Police looking to ban tattoos … Continue reading

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Undercover – Skin & Ink March 2012

The March 2012 issue of Skin & Ink is full of “S&I Dolls” and also includes a pullout calendar. But there is more than just eye candy in this month’s magazine. Features: “How to Draw” with David Nestler and “Tattooers … Continue reading

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