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Vice asks “Should Heavily Tattooed People be Given Good Jobs?”

We really can’t say how much we love Vice.com and how excited we are that they just released a new App. We downloaded it this morning and went through the articles and noticed this great topic of discussion – Should heavily … Continue reading

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2500 Year Old Princess Mummy Discovered with a Tattoo

This is crazy news! A Siberian princess buried in the permafrost in Russia for more than 2500 years and was recently discovered. When scientist Natalia Polosmak found the remains of ancient Princess Ukok close to Russia’s border with Mongolia and … Continue reading

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The Tattooed Women of the 20s, 30s and 40s

Now a days it seems like everyone has tattoos and it is easy to forget how rare it used to be to see someone with one – especially women! The Daily Mail put together a great little piece on the women … Continue reading

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Cat reunited with owner after 15-years thanks to tattooed ear

Never give up hope! BBC News reported a stray cat missing for 15 years in the Munich area of southern Germany is to be reunited with his lady owner, the city’s animal sanctuary says. The emaciated ginger tom was found in woods … Continue reading

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The Futur(ama) of Tattooing

An artist by the name of Thaefer did this cute tattooed version of everyone’s favorite robot – Bender! Check out his blog for images of other tattooed characters.

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“Shit People say to Tattooed People” Video

There have been a ton of “Sh*t People say to _________” videos hitting youtube recently. And now Steadfast Brand put together a truthful and humorous “Sh*t People say to Tattooed People” video, this time taking aim what a lot of heavily … Continue reading

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Most Tattoo-Friendly Cities in the United States

We are lucky in that recent year tattoo acceptance has been on the rise. TotalBeauty recently reported that they had done extensive research to find the most tattoo-friendly places in the United States. Did your city make the list? Top 10 Most … Continue reading

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