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About Hope Gallery
Hope Gallery is custom tattoo and art gallery located in New Haven, CT. Established in 2002 by artists Joe Capobianco, Eric Merrill, and Julio Rodriguez, Hope is home to the most experienced and awarded tattoo artists in the industry today. Along with resident artists Phil Young, Tim Harris, and Christian Perez; each have over 15 years tattooing experience.
Hope Gallery created “The Hope Blog” in 2011 as a platform for the tattoo community to get information on related news, artists, events, and products.
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14 Responses to Submit News

  1. Frank says:

    In tattooing, the pigment is a contaminant so, as it gets injected into the skin, it becomes encapsulated in a band of collagen, which is why the “bodyart” stays in place. Encapsulation keeps the pigment isolated from the rest of the body, protecting the latter from further contamination. “Contaminant” is a synonym for “dirt”. So, even if a tattooee bathes daily, he or she will be a clean person but with pockets of dirt where the tattoos are. It’s a dirty art form.


    I have about 4 really bad tattoos I would love to get covered up, including on both my hands! Please contact me to see if I would qualify for the opportunity to be on your show. My computer is down right now but I can access it on my mom’s phone. Home:(850)934-8956 / cell:(850)396-3693

  3. leon says:

    i really need a bad cover up done please contact me at …

  4. shazzan hunter says:

    I love the show better than ink master j/k.neway I have a jackup coverup that I would appreciate if u guys would consider getting rid of for me.please hit me back if u can.thanks

  5. Jan Adams says:

    I have a nightmare on my upper back that is such a mess it would take an expert tattoo artist to fix it. please contact me at

  6. I have a so called Phoenix on my left arm color didn’t stay in most of it and the lines are nasty I’m embarresd when I take my shirt off please help fix this crap thankyou

  7. Amanda says:

    I have 2 messed up tattoo one way worse that the other. A guitar on my right leg with my mom name in the scroll the guy did a crazy job.

  8. Amanda B says:

    I have 2 messed up tattoo one way worse that the other. A guitar on my right leg with my mom name in the scroll the guy did a crazy job.

  9. duwayne workman says:

    guy’s take my tattoo’s away,please please please me,i have 3 banners with my 3 grandchildren’s names on them, the guy was drunk when he did them, that was 6 years ago,i am 53 years old, and i do not want to die with these on my right arm.

  10. Charles Harris says:

    I have a SUN tattoo on my stomach that is the biggest embarrassment of my life. I am a USMC honorable discharged war vet and this tattoo stops me from going to the beach, the pool, the sauna at the gym even in the bedroom if I get lucky. Please help me cover this garbage up it is totally UNSAT, and disabling. I survived and helped win one war, I need Tattoo Nightmare’s skills and support to win this war on my stomach!

  11. richard hacker says:

    I need your help I have some really bad ratios on my back arm that I got in prison its white pride on the back of my arms and it looks likecrap if you respond to my email I will send you a pic its really bad please help

  12. Victor Calderon says:

    love the show, undeniable talent. first off guys i would really hope for you to check out my tattoo cover up that never got finished and also is a cover up. im very embarresed of this tat because its big and its on my right arm from shoulder to elbo. i have 3 kids and a wife who would really love for this to be fixed just as much as i want it to be, what im really asking is for your help , its worse than it sounds theres nothing but negative in it and the talent you guys obtain is beyond awesome and i could only wish for any of you three to really liik at this and give ne your personal opinion . please contact me , it would mean the world to us

  13. Channie Poteet says:

    I have wings going down my back that are uneven and need to be fixed badly. I would love to get on the show and have them fixed. Please contact my by email.

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    Any way keep up wrinting.

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