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News Editor says Tattoos are Classless and Worthless

I really hate posting things like this, but I do think it’s important to have a well rounded view on how tattoos are perceived in the World today. Sometimes we surround ourselves with like-minded people and forget that there are … Continue reading

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Australian Police Force Banning Visible Tattoos

Looks like the Police Commissioner is trying to ‘clean up’ the force. New South Wales police officers will be banned from having visible tattoos under a new rule created to better the force’s public image. The policy is in the … Continue reading

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Worst Celebrity Tattoos

As you probably heard, the entire world is making a big deal out of Rihanna’s new “THUG LIFE” knuckle tattoos like it’s the most controversial headline since Ghaddafi’s death. Well the new tattoo inspired the NY Daily News, not the … Continue reading

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Undercover – Skin & Ink March 2012

The March 2012 issue of Skin & Ink is full of “S&I Dolls” and also includes a pullout calendar. But there is more than just eye candy in this month’s magazine. Features: “How to Draw” with David Nestler and “Tattooers … Continue reading

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Misspelled Tattoos make Anderson Coopers “Ridiculist”

Misspelled tattoos happen quite often. Unfortunately some tattoo artists aren’t careful and the client puts too much faith in the ‘professional’ and doesn’t spell check the final work themselves. Word from the wise – Tattoo Artists Are Horrible Spellers. But … Continue reading

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Mother goes to jail for letting 10-year old get tattooed

The stupidity of people will never cease to amaze us. In Acworth, GA a woman took her 10-year old son to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo – and he was in fact tattooed. Chuntera Napier said her son, … Continue reading

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Stop Asking me what my tattoos mean

Following up from yesterdays post of “Shit People to say to Tattooed People” I think it’s only appropriate to follow it up with an article recently posted by The Gloss entitled “Stop Asking me what my Tattoos Mean”. Author Jamie … Continue reading

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