Spike TV’s new Series “Tattoo Nightmares”

Spike TV is looking to expand into the reality genre of television and recently received the greenlight from Viacom for a six episode series called “Tattoo Nightmares”.

As announced from a Spike TV press release: “Tattoo Nightmares” – Real people with really bad tattoos seek the help of some of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them. The tattoos range from hilarious to downright disturbing, with reenactments that will show how these people wound up with their awful, ugly and embarrassing ink. The contestants will go under the needle of top tattoo artists to see if they can work a miracle and cover someone else’s mistake. “Tattoo Nightmares” is created by Sally Ann Salsano (“Jersey Shore”) and 495 Productions.”

Jersey Shore production meets Tattooing? Honestly, the last thing we need is for a television show to exploit horrible tattoos that were done by scratchers. More material that outsiders can use to form misleading opinions about tattooing. We just hope for the sake on the contestants the coverup artists are stellar.

Do you think this is a good or bad thing??


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252 Responses to Spike TV’s new Series “Tattoo Nightmares”

  1. bettiepeg says:

    Those who have formed set opinions don’t require more fodder to feed their ignorance. A show like this isn’t going to sway anyone in either direction.

    If done correctly though, it will teach the impressionable just how important researching your artist is.

    It will also highlight just how beautiful and artsy a tattoo really can be, and how important a reputable shop and artist is.

    Fact is, there are butchers/scratchers out there and with any luck this show will help identify where not to go, and give credence to those who take pride in their work.


    • Dave Hudson says:

      This is so true,,,Hell I have a butchered Tat,,Id love to get fixed,,,,How do I get on that show?

      • john lowmark says:

        honestly i have a real old tat that can use fixin if any one of you pros would fix me up i would seriously appreciate it its on my leg and an old snake and knife at least 35 years old do me a big favor and just think about my cover up it would help me ego mucho thanks johnny please

      • Katie S. says:

        I just saw my first episode of Tattoo Nightmares, and think it’s an absolutely amazing show. I’m 35yrs old and got a tattoo of a peacock on my back ( upper left shoulder) when I was 18. It’s AWFUL!! For years I’ve been wanting to get it covered, but want it done right by someone who knows what they’re doing. I would love to get it covered before my 15mo old daughter starts to ask about the ugly blob on Mommy’s shoulder!!!

      • mike carter says:

        i have a tatoo that i would also like to get covered,how do get in touch with the show

      • Pam Malone says:

        I LOVE THE SHOW, I wish it was on more often. I got a tattoo a number of years ago in memory of my son, that looks so jacked at this time, it need help. So I’m asking HELP. I don’t know what to do.

      • Pamela Kennett says:

        Where is the shop located? I don’t need to be on the show I just need a cover up for my horrible tattoo. Please email the location of the shop thank you

    • Davis,Gary E says:

      my name is gary e davis i’m 61 yrs old and have very ameture tatoo.i’m on ssi and cannot afford to have a very ,very bad attempt at a tatoo fixed.

    • Mike Boswell says:

      I have several tatts, that I got while I was in the Army, some good, some BAD ! Would like for one in particular to be covered up on my forearm.
      It’s just awfull, and every time I see it, it brings back memories of how dumb I was at the time, and it just looks like trash on my arm.
      I really would like to have it covered with something that would POP and stand out really nicely.

    • I agree with your statements. I myself got one in ’85. But it has aged badly and needs repairs. Can you tell me of name tattooist in upstate SC you could recommend to do the repairs???
      Adrienne, Greenville, SC

    • mark st.peter says:

      my boyfreind has the ultimate bad tattoo… he has tried to cover a small tattoo with a bigger one.. omg it has turned out to be a frikken nightmare! his arm looks likes an octopuss has covered his arm. n he keeps going back to the same guy! i can’t stand lookin at it anymore. can u help me???

  2. David DeMar says:

    Is Lisa Khoury serving as executive producer?

  3. Matt W says:

    I think, if done right, this series could be a good thing. Educating people who more often than not see tattoos as ugly and stupid mistakes that people make and then regret is surely a fine goal. Possibly, the show will also help to counter the argument that the only way to get rid of a poorly done tattoo is to have it removed. That argument places the tattoo itself as the object of regret. This show could well change that by saying that it’s not the tattoo itself that is bad, and with it all tattoos, but the artist, well, ‘artist’, who did it. Showing a truly gifted artist taking poor work and making it beautiful shows that tattoos can be great things and the source of pride and happiness for the wearer. If this show achieves that then it can only be a good thing for the tattooed community.

  4. Hello,my name is stephen k bess jr, “tat2 steve”. Well, i am a tattoo artist of some 16 years now,and doing those amazing cover up’s is what keep’s me going in the game.Look, some times you get a bad tattoo just like you can get a bad car. I always tell peopel to look at all my cover up work and most of it looks better then a lot of the new and fresh tattoos that are not cover up’s…So, if i had my chance at being on this show,then yea. I would love the chance, i need it in my life right about now…

    • Laura says:

      My Fiance has more than one tattoo that need to be covered up. The nightmare is mine. I’m the one who has to look at them.lol He has half assed work, done by half assed artists. I need to find some way to get these covered. But being on Disability I don’t have alot of extra income…

    • Prairie says:

      hey stephan k.
      you don’t happen to live in colorado do you? i need some cover up help.

  5. Pandora says:

    how do I upload a pic of my tattoo nightmare?

  6. donovan says:

    I think this show is great, I have a bad tattoo I wish was covered up and been wondering about amazing artist to help fix it!!!

  7. gary says:

    I think it would be a awsome show because i have a Bad Tattoo myself

  8. Brian says:

    I”m one of those who left the studio pissed off. Artwork sucked and was just a downright unpleasant experience. Problem is once its done wrong its your new look. It”s been a few years and if I could change it I would. Problem is finding someone. maybe the new show will give me some ideas.

  9. matt says:

    what are the requirements and how would apply to get a cover up?

  10. April Eyahpaise says:

    Hi my name is April, I had a small tattoo done when I turned 40. it was on the back of my neck and was 4 highlighted stars that i designed myself. I trusted this tattooist, thinking that he was a pro. He has some awesome work that I am impressed with. But the work he did on me turned out to be a night mare. It healed so badly that you can actually feel the out line of all the stars, my friend that watched him do the work said the outlined bled so much as he was doing the work. i didnt know at the time that it might bleed but not that much. it was to be a present to me from me. He ruined that for me. if I could get it done over I would certainly take it to someone that could create a better tat, but there is no way that the raised scar tissue can be hidden. if this is a challenge for you, I would certainly appreciate the attempt to make it a better present.

  11. What a really good idea, I came up with this over a year ago. Here’s the link:

    Brian “MONK” Taylor

    • ladyhawk says:

      wow! you’re very talented! too bad you’re not in Colorado… i’d come see you in a heartbeat!!! if you happen to know any good cover up artists in the Denver area pleeeeeze let me know. thanks for making a VERY well-made and tasteful video. nice soundtrack too…

  12. ashley lane says:

    Dude! I have the worst tattoo. I always viewed myself as royalty. Never looked down upon. The way everyone should see them selves. I looked to myself as the queen. I had a tattoo in mind since I was 15. Finally I turned 18 and decided I’m going for it. It was a jeweled crown with a tribal beneath and along the sides. the top would say royalty is present. I decide to do this on my upper back. So the lettering was right above. Needless to say. My tattoo looks like hell. The guy did not shadow well! His lines were not identical and it is very hard to read my lettering. I’m embarrased when some one ask what is my tattoo. To know one day I will be getting married and my tattoo will show is horrifying. I would love a cover up to fix my tat. Once that’s fixed I plan on doing a whole piece on my back of nothing but royalty. I would love a opportunity to make my tattoo the way I imagined it.

  13. Dave SCIOSCIA says:

    I have this tattoo that is just a jumble of tattoos trying to make it look like something and just can not find the right person to get it right or put it all together it’s just a complete mess and I can’t stand it. Can someone please help me out

  14. kcwarrior1 says:

    ya need to know where to leave photo of tattoo found site left a post but no where to leave a pic can anyone help thanks

  15. Cathi Brown says:

    I would love to be a repair canvas on this new show. I designed a Celtic dragonfly and got a lizard with strange wings. Also 3 hearts and he messed up the pink heart. Had it redone/added too 3x. I need a miracle to fix my tattoo. Please put me on Tattoo Nightmares!!!!

  16. I was just 18yrs old, left small town in far Northern Ca for enlistment in our US Navy. Naturally being from way out in Gods country, no tattoo’s arywhere around. Never thought of ever getting a tattoo, that is unitl year later and stationed at Port Hueneme, Ca. We were out and about having drinks and a lot of fun. The next day I had intense pain upper left breast area, look and had somthing covering skin. Took it off and almost fell over. I had got a tattoo, ugly one at that. I guess it some flower with sun setting behind. What it is UGLY! Mom saw and not happy, said I need to buy a van since thats what tattoo people drive. Nice!! Since I have small rabbitt on ankle and love it. I deal with this one but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it gone and something way cool replace it.

  17. alexis says:

    i would also like to know where to upload the picture to. i know it told on the finale of ink master but i missed it.. can someone please leave me the details

  18. nicole says:

    I would absolutly love nothing more then to see someone try to fix the monsterous disaster I have had on my chest for years. Its terrible! I was fifteen and dying to get a tattoo my first choice just had to be a portrait of none other then kurt cobain. Thinking I was getting a tattoo to be reminded of how great he was I ended up with a trainwreck leaving me embarassed to were anything lower then a tshirt neckline.Needless to say if kurt were to see what this “pro” had put on me he would have actually shot himself! Yes that bad. I knew he was no pro at portraits but wow! Anyway I would really love to know where to upload these pics CONTACT ME PLEASE!

    • Casting Producer says:

      Hi Nicole – I am casting a tattoo cover-up show and would love to talk to you about it. Please email me at Redomytattoo@gmail.com for more information.

      • Traci Mccollum says:

        Hi Casting Producer- My name is Traci. I have this horribly huge tribal belt going all the way around my waist. I got it about eight years ago. The tattoo station was a pool table in my friends house. I am so self conscious of it that I will not dare show it. I am a single mom of two wonderful boys and I take care of my disabled mother. Today is my birthday. I am 39 today and the only thing I really want is this self esteem breaker gone. I love art and tattoos. Today is also the 7 year anniversary of my youngest sons dad passing away. everything I make or have goes to my family. PLEASE HELP ME!

  19. Frank Wicks Jr. says:

    Frank Wicks says: Well gang im a fourty year old dad and im just stuck with this nightmare on my bicep. I live in tampa florida. Im from new york. I joined the United States Air Force and got stationed at Macdill AFB. Tampa, Florida. I never got a tattoo until i got out of the military. I knew i wanted a tattoo but i didnt know what of. I went to the famous ybor city to get my first tattoo. I havent went without a shirt since. Its miserable because i live in florida and i never wore a shirt until my nightmare tattoo. Tattoo Nightmares i beg of you all to concider me for the cover up. Im currently unemployed as of december and its going to be a costly cover up which i cant afford. It will be a challange for the artist too. I would love to once again go to the beach and take my shirt off. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  20. I am embarrassed everyday by this horrible excuse for a 1/2 sleeve on my left arm,from my wrist up to my elbow.It was supposed to be black/blue flames,surrounding a Dragon and sword.Instead,I got a bunch of black ink with areas of no ink at all…This is probably the worst violation of an attempt to be a tattoo artist,in the world without a doubt in my mind…To make it worse,I am 48 years old,and I have had it on me since I was 16.I really need your help to cover this abomination over…Please ,can you seriously consider me for this opportunity?Thank You,and ,Have a great time.

  21. Boy do I have a challenge for you! My right outer and inner bicep…Disasterous! Seriously, I don’t think it can be fixed, short of laser removal! This is seriously BAD! I would like to just see you’re reactions when you see it. Needless to say I don’t take my shirt off anymore either.
    I also have ink on my L. Upper arm. But I can live w/those tat’s,All of my ink has been the old school black.

  22. Stephen Floyd says:

    Hello, my name is Stephen Floyd. I am a 39 year old man from Marion ky. I saw your advertisement at the end of ink master, awesome show by the way! And I literally jumped out of my seat and screamed “F” yeah!! At the tv. And scared the $hit out of my wife and kid in doing so. I thought oh please for the love of God pick me, pick me! I have a horrendous tat. Of the most screwed up shark on my chest that you have ever laid your eyes on! I could not wait to get a tattoo. So I let my buddy talk me into going to this guy he knows that works out of his house, that was cheap and supposedly really good. Here I am letting this jack wagon hammer away on my chest for 2 grueling hours thinking man this sucks. Not knowing any better “first tattoo” I didn’t say anything. He jumps up and says ” your all done dude, check it out it’s bad ass” I get up, look in the mirror and feel instant rage!! I said WTF is this?” Well it’s your shark man, what’s wrong?” I will spare you the details of what transpired the next 5-10 minutes. But anyway the next morning after bonding out of jail for my newly acquired 4th degree assault charges I was freaking sick to my stomach from knowing this turd was on my body for the rest of my life! Still to this day I will not take my shirt off in public. It is so embarrassing! Please help me!! 
    Thank you for your time and consideration 

  23. Renee Verret says:

    Hi Im Renee and Ive got a tattoo with 2 roses and my daughters names on banners on the top and bottom.You cant see the names very well just blobs because they are to small and ran together and the outline is not all the way around.Looks horrible.I would like to cover it with something similar but big enough to read thier names….I should have never trusted the guy who did it….I have wanted to get it fixed but cant afford it at this time…I have had it forever and im embarrassed to show it.Its on my right upper arm.Help please.Thanks

  24. kimberly a. akau says:

    Im 48 years and live in hawaii on June 11 2003 my sister died and i got drunk and got a tattoo with her name and a dolphin on my arm I didnt realize how unhappy i was and the mistakes that were made until the next day and everyday after. Like the sun under the dolphin fin and a ray of the sun in the wrong place its over the dophins fin it was not the right size or shape. Ive been wanted to change it for awhile but things have changed, tattoo artist dont charge a flat rate they charge by the hour in which they deserve they have came a long way. I havent been able to afford it and i havnt found a good cover-up artist. One day i will cover it up my sister deserves the memory of her that she deserves and i wanted.. If you could make it happen it would be a blessing if not it feels good to know im not the only one with regrets! Aloha @ Mahalo

  25. Elizabeth Beaucage says:

    I am writing you for my Mom. When she was 16 years old she was with a biker and thought it would be `cool` to get a skull with his name in a banner below, it is average size but it is located on her bicep…very noticable. The man, my father committed suicide 5 years later. My mother is a beautiful woman, strong and worthy of the opprotunity to erase this terrible reminder from her life and body without a long sleeve shirt. It is not the greatest quality to add insult to injury. Please consider my Mom for this great opprotunity, WE will be most greatful. Sincerely Elizabeth B.

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  27. marc deponzi says:


  28. Gina says:

    Hi, I love the show it shows real talent in the art of ink. I am a 54 year old women with lots of back and shoulder scars from riding motorcycles with out any sun screen, and a swimming suit top, would it ever be possible to cover up with a tattoo? Thanks I hope someone replys Gina.

  29. Gina says:


  30. i have a tat of some shoe strings tatted on my back arm its supposed to signify family and unity. everyone that see it thinks it says “xxxi” they like what “31” means.. every tat artist thinks its impossible to fix. i think they dont have the artistic vision to see the shoestrings with the shoe outlet…………….. please help

  31. Ronda Whigam/Drakje says:

    I live in Phoenix,Arizona I went to the tattoo expo at the Phoenix fairgrounds. I wanted a small Iron Cross on my right elbow forearm area to cover up an ugly faded very small smiley face. I chose to have my work done by Precision tattoo and body piercing out of Chandler, Az. To my surprise I had my work done and it ended up severly infected and oozing grren from it for a period of 3 weeeks. As a result I have a thick scar on my arm from the so-called professional artist. I am permanantly scarred not to mention tramatized fron the whole incident

  32. Ronda Whigam/Drake says:

    Recently posted i have current pictures of the butchered work that Precision Tattoo and Body piercing did to my arm at the tattoo expo in Phoenix, Az. It is the worst work i have ever seen in my life. I am only hoping that the scarred tissue from the iron cross will be able to be covered. I am seeking a real tattoo artist with some ink skills

  33. jason says:

    Hi my name is jason iam 25. I have a few tattoos and like them alot, but one i wanted tribal going down my left front of my body got the tattoo finally when i was in the service. But it was a bad idea i was aliitle under the weather getting it done and the artist wasnt very good at tribal. the tattoo ended up very messed up and it looks like a vine of some sorts i hate it. everyone says its impossible to fix will u please help. i just want it fixed getting ready to have a baby and couldnt afford it if someone could fix it.

  34. Would like more information on how to get this tattoo cover up on my left forearm, that has been on there since 1976. please help.

  35. William Robinson says:

    how do u apply to be on the show, i have a unicorn that was supposed to be red and it came out a pinkish color not right looking for help

  36. Prairie says:

    i found out about this upcoming show while i was watching ink master. they said to go to tattoonightmares@spike.com, but i can’t find any links on that website. any ideas on how to apply? I REALLY NEED TO GET ON THIS SHOW! i’ve got 2 tats that i need SERIOUS help with!!! thanks!

  37. jim estep says:

    check this out he cant spell tattoo my ta too is spelled like this .

  38. Laura Brown says:

    Hey Spike,
    You asked for tattoo nightmares, well I have one. Eight years ago I decided to get my first and only tat. I have always wanted one, but the guys I have been with don’t think it is very ladylike for women to have tattoos (Go Figure).
    Well my one of the little things on my “bucket list” was to get a tattoo of a “fairy” or of “Tinkerbell”. I am almost fifty years old and the Good Lord decided to give me the same disease that took my Mother. She was diagnosed at the age of about 50 and I was diagnosed 10 years ago. Although, she had the many surgeries (8) that the doctors kept recommending I have not had any. I don’t know what life has in store for me, but if I could get the mess that I have on my shoulder fixed I would.
    I have never gone back to the shop that did the tattoo because I thought I had done my research and checked them out. Apparently, I had not done a very good job. I should have questioned myself when the artist (if you want to call him that) told me he had only been there a few weeks. All these years I thought that all it really needed was a little work, but in looking at the pictures I can see why people always made funny looks. I have to say that the only thing good is that the color is pretty good for being eight years old.
    Anyway, if you can see to help me out of my dilemma I would sure appreciate it. I am so afraid to have anyone else touch it, but something really needs to be done. I live on a fixed income and can’t afford to do anything to it myself.
    Thanks for all your help,

  39. marc deponzi says:

    my name is marc deponzi, i have several tattoo’s which are fucked and need desperate help, can you hep me or do i live to dam far away,questioning that needs answering. please e-mail or call asap im a wigher on free tatts to be covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!(haha)

  40. Keegan Koga says:

    Just called to audition for this show. I was informed its about intellecting people on researching their art, and artists first. I think that anything that shows people that don’t know better, that a new needle does not mean a clean tattoo, and just because you see someone do a decent job with lettering and tribal, doesn’t mean they can tattoo faces/and or other tecniques. I think it is good because alot of people don’t know how a shop works or how tattoos are supposed to be approached. Hopefully my audition goes well and have some fun on a show.

  41. carrie says:

    I so hope I make it on the show. I had wings put on my back and shoulders that was done by what I thought was a ex tattoo shop owner and he did such a bad job that I have chips out of my shoulder bones. They look really bad and won’t be easy to cover I’m sure.

  42. 4ufromaz says:


  43. 4ufromaz says:


  44. Rachel Glasscock says:

    I loved the show! I wish I could have them fix my nightmares 🙂 I know exactly what those poor people felt like walking around with crap tats… I’ve got 4 myself blah!!!

  45. l3ftb3hind says:

    I’ve had 2 bad tattoo’s done one on my wrist and one on my left upper arm. I would love to go onto this show but I live in Northern Ireland so kinda not possible for me lol but I’ve been sitting reading threw the comments and no offense but I don’t think some of you have actually read this properly because you actually EMAIL tattoonightmares@spike.com its not a website and this isn’t the link to post onto that’s why you can’t upload a picture here. Hope that helps any of you.
    Best of luck guys.

  46. terry johnson says:

    I had a tattoo done when i was young a roman helmet with my name(but it didnt say my name,it said jerky) so i had tried to get a cover up he started it but didnt fully finish so now i got 2 tattoos in one now it looks kinda jumbled what shall i do now hmm another artist ok so i go to him he draws up what i want he liked it but wants it on my other arm i say ok but its half done again oh great now 2 tats both not finished omfg i waisted what close to $1000 on 2 half tattoos i really dont trust any tattoo artist now 3 artists and 3 different tats half done. My point is if you do a cover up make sure you really inspect his actual work. how many cover ups has that person done?

  47. brian c says:

    i got “hell yea” pick and poked all the way down my right arm when i was 16. looks like a kindergartner wrote it. fml

  48. Bryan Anderson says:

    i like the idea how do you get on the show

  49. Christopher Matera says:

    I am very interested in being on the show because I have a tattoo that I love to look at but sickens me because it was done the wrong way. I have a model of the Bismark the Battleship tattooed on my left leg and it has a special meaning to me for what the ship has done with marvels of breaking the laws and it was done the wrong way and it was sort of rushed and nothing seems good. I have been told by many artists that it can’t be fixed but I do hope that this show can prove me wrong and to be a client on the show it would be really worth it for me.

  50. Chris says:

    Great idea for a show. Tommy Helm is a stellar tattoo artist and should have won Ink Master season 1. Hopefully this show prevents someone from getting a shotty tattoo that will need to be covered in the future.

  51. Julie says:

    How do u get on this show I have a very bad disaster piece that takes up half my back n really need some fixing up

  52. Julie says:

    How do u get on this show

  53. michael says:

    my name is mike i have a tattoo. THAT BIG GUS GAVE ME. he charged me six hundred dollars,and it looks bad. i would love for him to fix it but i live on east coast and he is on the west. i would love to get it fixed on the show. how would i do this. HELP.

  54. scott morris says:

    I actually have two that I would love covered!!! I am also willing to give the artist almost total creative control. Please respond,I’m running out of money and options. Thank you.

  55. Kimberlie Heiker says:

    Where is the shop located?

  56. steve says:

    hi my name is steve from buffalo ny i have some really bad upper arm tattoos i would like to get coverd up please help me…………….

  57. Thomas Allen says:

    I have one of the worst tattoos ever… did it myself in a mirror. it says revenge across the bottom half of my throat bout 1.5″ tall and bout 10″ long. also about 4 years ago i was pushed into a fire and burnt my right arm in the third degree and lost my favorite tattoo as a result. spent 6 months in the burn ward. if there is a way i could participate on your show i would be extraordinarily grateful… thanks Thomas Allen

  58. andrew kerth says:

    I have the worst tattoo ever, its a cross on my left forarm i let my buddy do it after a night of drinkin, im a manager at a food chain and its very jacked up. Please help

  59. kreisha williams says:

    Please help me!!! I have a large jacked up black cross on my leg, i have recently changed my life style and am ready to wear shorts and feel better about myself, i need this fixed!!! HELP

  60. I have a really bad tatoo I got at a bike rally. The guy told me he was a pro and had lots of people getting tats. It was my first tat now every time I look at it I want to cry and keep it covered most of the time. Would love to have a cover up done.

  61. greg gregoire says:

    Hi my name is Greg. I have this tattoo of a swastika about 2in on my foreman for the past 19 years that I would love to get rid of cause it doesn’t speak who I am and wat my life is about. Could u please help????

  62. I would love to get help for them!!! I have a real bad Insain Clown Posse tattoo on my lower back (tramp stamp)!! It was done with a home made gun at a friend of a friends home when i was like 16!! the lines are poor the piece dont even look like what i drew it out to be!! I’d love to get it coverd! I am a mommy of 2 boys and my oldest thinks it looks like the clown off IT and it scares him every time he sees it!! I have always hatted it but now that my son does SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP!!! i have many things in mind on covering it, but trusting someone to do so is my main deal!!! I love these guys..and girl work i would love to have them ink me even if it not on tv BECAUSE I JUST NEED IT GONE!!! thank you A LOVEING MOMMY!!

  63. Mick Jennings says:

    I really need a cover up, I drunk with some guys when I was 16 and woke up with dumbass nazi shit on my arm and it healed even more fucked up. Need help bad!!

  64. steve says:

    I have got a tattoo i got when i was young & dumb &running fast ive seen a few of your show my tattoo is much more of a challenge to cover it im not sure if that it can be covered that all many just say they wouldnt eventry to cover it a mess got when i was 15yrs old with a cheap home made gun i wood love to have it covered i can send pics it will test ur skills

  65. Luis says:

    Hi my names luis i am 25 years old live in santa ana ca and wanted to c what it takes to get a cover up tatto ? Thnks

  66. Coletta says:

    Just watched the show for the first time and i love it so much i wish i could be on because i have a tattoo that means the world to me its my sons footprints from his birth certificate and i had to have surgery and they went right threw the middle 😦 i know scar tissues hard but i know i can deal with it i hope tou chosen for this show

  67. Cesar says:

    I have a tattoo that I got at the age of 18, didn’t do any research for an artist and straight out of boot camp I went over to Venice beach and got my very first tattoo on my back. first of all they under “quoted” me and the artist was pissed off, I was the last guy in the shop but gave him more than 20% gratuity . when I got home I realized that the tattoo was misspelled and later it lumped up like Braille …all kidding a side …a blind person can read my tattoo, can I get on this show?, how do I get started? please email if possible and thanks again, you guys rock!

  68. Andrew Potter says:

    I really need my sleeves fixed…they are really, really bad…512-234-0277…am ready ,and really need help…

  69. tysha bolden says:

    Need this chuckie tattoo covered up…. Please

  70. Dude, I am a 48 year old with ahuge rose tat on my right wrist I have 3 tats under itI put one on there when I was 8 years old on a dare I have had others that said they could fixit but ended up messing it up even more the last time the woman was suppose to put branches and leafs but it looks like really bad flames so I have a bird on a burning rose and it really looks like sh—t it approx: 14×4 inches and in parcially on the top of my hand and wrist. I can’t find anyone that will even touch it. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! SHELLY JOHNSTON shellyjohnston_420@hotmail.com or 520-282-9768

  71. Inkfiend~ says:

    ive had 2 interviewz fer this tattoo nightmare show an no call back on it. i guess they want lil easy onez to cover instead of a dragon that tkz up 1/4 of onez back…

  72. HELINA CRAVEN says:


  73. I need to be on this show!! I have 3 nightmares that need fixed They are the worst thing I could ever have on my body. Please tell me how I can get on this show!!

  74. Amber Reed says:

    I’d love to get a chance to fix my top back tatoo of a cross roses and sugar skulls … It’s a mess and need a professional for a chance to make it appealing !!!

  75. cammi dukes says:

    i have a tat on my right hip/pelvic area that is a coverof an old tat that i got by a boyfriend when i was 17. 20 years later and a few pregnancy’s have made my heart with flowers distorted. the skin is soft throughout the area but does involve ‘stretch marks’ (lol). have been told that there’s no ‘redoing’ since its been covered once and involves stretch marks. any info/help would be awesome

  76. TWAN says:

    Hello guys,I LOVE the show its the best I have a bounch of bad ink I have sleeves and their not the best work LMAO I have very dark skin so all my tats look like jail house ink no disrespect to those locked up I THINK It would be a nice challange to see if you guys could put color on dark skined people.

  77. Michelle Smith says:

    I really enjoy this show. Tattoos are so addictive! In the last three years I have got 6. 2 of them I designed myself. Unfortunately the tatto that means the most to me was done poorly. I have already had touch-ups and some cover up done to it. This tatto is a charm bracelet with my sons’ name tags: the first name tag was covered up and the second needs to be but it will ruin the tattoo. What is a mom to do?!

    I am sooo impressed with all of the artists on the show and would love to have the opportunity to have my my tattoo looked at by one of them.

  78. Rich Butler says:

    9 years ago i went to an artist that was recommended to me. I wanted a realistic japanese tattoo and what i got was a guy in a straight jacket on my bicept that looks like a cartoon. I was so displeased i told the shop owner and he fired him but refused to fix it. I was out 450 bucks and all i had to show for it was a screwed up cartoon on my arm. Ive been to a couple of shops over the years and was told repeatedly good luck, sorry cant help you, wont touch it. But after watching your show i relize there is hope for a coverup. I would really enjoy having something on my arm to be proud of instead of always covering my arms.

  79. Jason stokes says:

    I love the show! Wish it was on 15 years ago maybe I would have done my home work befor getting inked. I joined the navy out of high school being young and dumb I thought it would be cool to get a Tatt in every place I went but being young I didn’t know what I liked I just would go in and tell them to do it now I have three I can’t stand on right chest right arm and right shoulder I would give anything to have all three covered into one was wondering how to get tattooed by Ur shop

  80. Brandy says:

    I think its good there is a lot of people and that includes me that got nightmare tattoos and is good there is tattoo artest that can cover up are nasty tattoos so if you need someone to work on i have a tattoos i don’t want let me know peace.

  81. Jessica says:

    I have this horrible tattoo on my upper arm came out completely wrong have always wanted to get it covered up just never actually found someone to do it .

    • Jessica says:

      It’s a stick figure with a tale and the letter g as a head I am a mother of two and was wondering how to get on the show the story on how I got it is hilarious and sad

  82. james meeks says:

    I am in need of a desperate tat cover up. Please help!

  83. Lori says:

    Just watching the show! I could only dream of getting a cover up for a really really bad tat. The thing is its on my Husband’s upper arm, very amatur says HELLS HOT and an outline of a devil and a pitchfork lol. He has had to live with this for along time. Never and I say Never let your friends say hey I can give you a tatt. young and dumb and just full of it. We had a couple ppl look at it but we were not comfortable with anything they said. HELP I can’t stand it even more than him. He just caught me writting this haha. He said they can’t cover it, its to big. So I showed him the show, he said heck ya write em!

  84. Joni Brooks says:

    Love your show!!! Ihave a tat on top of my foot that i hate & been wondering if it could be fixed!?!?

  85. Shana Brownell says:

    I would love to be on the show!! several years ago I got a dreamcatcher with feathers on my chest, my mom says it looks like a floppy eared dog, it looks horrible it has lost all of its color and looks like a big black blob. Thank you

  86. mary jo crish says:

    I am a person that never knew what I wanted. I have observed what body art is all about, and by my own doing I missed the boat, shame on me. I can not blame the tattoo artist, because I did not do my homework. I am 54 yrs. old and would love nothing more than an amazing tattoo. I live in Santa Barbara. If I could give anyone advise make sure you know what you what and the person that is doing your tattoo cares and has pride, I would love nothing more than an amazing cover up, something I could finally proud of, I don’t even know if anyone could make this ok. Anyway I would love nothing more than for once in my life a work of art.

  87. charlie says:

    just seen the works of Tommy on nightmare tats….Awesome work i also have a tat that i would like to get covered on the side of my lower leg,,or maybe alittle professional work to make it pop

  88. Jenny nguyen says:

    I have a trap stamp on my back that I would love to get covered up, but the ink is soo dark that it pops out from the skin, that’s how bad it is. How do I get on the show or go about to have those pros fix it for me!!! I’ve been searching for years to get it covered up!!

  89. Joe gipson says:

    I have 2 tatts on the right arm like s.,?t cant tell what one is the other just hate it dont like showing my arm .so plz plz help a guy out 2make my arm look good as hell plz need your help .and u guys do dam good work i watch the show all the time u guys rock plz help and thank u

  90. Kate says:

    I sent an entry for Tattoo Nightmares, I haven’t heard from production.

    What must I do to be on your show?

    I have this horrible tattoo on my chest, that really really really needs fixing.

    Really bad!

    Help, please!



  92. Jenna says:

    I need your help !!! FIXMY F’ D UP TAT PLEASE

  93. Dustin taylor says:

    I have a 1/2 sleeve of skulls, pin ups, smoke and a cross. Would like to see of someone would accept the challenge to try and cover it with vintage horror scuba diving, something old schools. Open to anything, I have a complicated canvas for someone to work with. Can sending if needed.

  94. Nikki deck says:

    Pleaseeee helppp im tatted up &down i luv tattoos

  95. brandon b says:

    ic have the worst tattoo eva i have no money ive hada this big nasty tattoo on my back foro ten yrs ic neva take myy shirt off eva please help me asap

  96. natasha blanco says:

    iam tasha i live the sfc my # is 415 894 7724 please call me i need a cover up bad its 2 dark its just bad work compared 2 the amazeing jobs u all do i wud be so greatful 4 the rest of my life 2 b on the show or just 2 stop by get this fix even if am not on the show wud b life changeing so please tell me where ur shop is located at or if yall cud let me know where 2 go to that provides good work thank u so much

    • George says:

      Tasha, did anyone ever reply to your post with information? I’m looking for some info myself but dont kno where this shops located…. Hmu

  97. Nikki deck says:

    Hi im nikki i have alot of tattoos. But im in desperate need of a cover up i had one done on my finger snd the ink leaked in my skin i dont know what to do i need cover ups pleaseeee..from Pensacola Florida

  98. Rachelle Armstrong says:

    I also have a ugly tat its 3 in 1,i tried to get a cover up but i ended up with a blob and the guy who did it wasn’t careful and i end up with hep c! so a ugly tat and a bad disease. i see everyone wants u to fix there bad choices, i guess i’m also asking for help its on my wrist and being a waitress/cook i’m self-concuss about it. I do have some very beautiful tats but this one always reminds me i have this disease. If you could help it would make having hep c easier.

  99. ANGELA GRAHAM says:

    back in the mid 90,s i was married to a woman and it didnt work out she gave me a tattoo for my birthday on my ankle and not only is the tattoo over but so are we i am married now to a man and need to replace the tattoo please help me to replace it its been on me for over 15 yrs

  100. Veronica Pierce says:

    I have a 12year old tattoo of a want a be fairy need help would like to cover it up I did it in Hollywood help

  101. Clifford says:

    i have a badtattoo i got 12 years ago of my x wifes name in aharley emblem and its driving me nuts so can youhelp i watch your program and work is awsome thank you

  102. luciano alaniz says:

    i have a tattoo i got from a friend who was just looking for someone to tattoo on it is a homemade tattoo i had to press the wire to the batteries. The motor was from a cassette player and it was about 30yrs ago and people tell me it look like the guy on the tapatio bottle its a mexican hot sauce. And i would sure love to see the GREAT WORK the guys from your show done on mine. thxs.

  103. Jodi H says:

    I have a tattoo that is 20 yrs. old. It’s supposed to be a heart w/ mine and my husbands name through it. The problem is, It was done w/ a home made gun that my husband and his brother made. Not only that, when they put the pattern on my name was backwards. They were so drunk they didn’t notice and did the tattoo anyway. To make matters worse, they tried to trace over it. I didn’t know this was happening until after they were finished. This was my first tattoo and almost my last. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me and fix this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  104. Angel says:

    I have a big nasty tattoo on my hip. It was suppose to be a special bond between my boyfriend and I and it turned out so badly he hates to look at it. I’ve been to a few places and they don’t even want to mess with it. I need help!!!!! Over the summer I was so ashamed I wore everything I could to cover it up as I went swimming. This has to go!!
    Please help
    Thanks Angel

  105. rick says:

    have a 6×12 tat to cover, now do i get on show?

  106. Jon says:

    THE COVER-UPS I’VE SEEN ON THE SHOW ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!The challenge I have for any one of the artists,is to blend 3 separate tattoos into one! I have one tatt on my right forearm,right side of my chest and right shoulder blade.I would like to cover it with a full sleeve dragon with it’s head wrapping over my shoulder blade,as if its holding onto my arm and shoulder,there’s my challenge to any one of you,as it will be to me also,I can picture it being a massive,detailed,awesome tattoo!My tattoo’s are old ugly,and one is embarrassing!SO WHO IS UP FOR A CHALLENGE??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. steve smutz says:

    I have a couple messed up tattoos I got, I went to a friends house to hang out he got bored and loved doin tattoos and begged me to let him tattoo me with a home made gun so I was buzzin hard and let him do it

  108. Kenny Adam says:

    I would like to know how to come on the show and get my tattoo covered while my wife and kid see it done?

  109. melissa says:

    Awesome show! I have a bad tattoo. I also have a cousin who wants her very first tattoo. Her name is Julie and she just turned 18 so she came to me for advice on tattoos. I told her she has to be sure and she has to know exactly what she wants or else she would end up with a bad tattoo

  110. Sophia Clanton says:

    OH MY this is the perfect show ever. I have a tattoo on the tramp area that is so off centered. After I got it the guy who gave it to me said all I had to do was lean more on my left side to even out the tattoo. Please can u help me ?? Sophia Clanton { Queen So-So } Balch Springs ,Texas !!!!

  111. luke duncan says:

    help. got a real challenge, and a good story.

  112. Angel Vera says:

    I am 26 I have two very ugly tattoos on my leg would like to see if u can cover them so please let me know where the shop is dont need to be on the show just want one of u to help me out the r very dark so I don’t know if I can even be done

  113. Tamara Dorsey says:

    I had a tattoo done on my right fore arm. It isn’t horrible but after I got it i found out some terrible news about the person it was done for. I have gone to tattoo shops before and questioned having it covered up. Needless to say noone would even attempt to cover it. I would really like to come to your shop to have it covered by the best. Please contact me with your info.

  114. Ricardo says:

    Im 39 and have a tattoo mess on my left arm and shoulder. It,was a cover up of a cover up. My marriage has been on the rocks and I want it covered up by the best because ive been raising,my kids and working fulltime and just,wanted to do something for myself. I had weightloss surgery and have lost alot,,of weight and want,my arm to look good so I can feel good about me!! Will you help Big Gus or Jasmine and Tommy? Please

  115. George says:

    Does no one kno where this shop is located? Id like to kno so I can just go there myself and deal with my crap ink.. NJ maybe? Id appreciate some info if anyone has any thanks

  116. michelle says:

    How can i get on the show i need a cover up realy bad

  117. I have horribly done “VAMPIRE BITE MARKS” on my neck….. HELP!! I’m in WASHINGTON!! LET ME know if you can help your work is incredible!

  118. Chris Patterson says:

    I have a tattoo that has really pissed me off it’s suppose to be ss scout sniper but the dang guy put that on my arm and I can’t even swim do to the lettering I use to be a marine and on my back I’m scared should say paris island and the. Having a guy with a m16 rifle but we didn’t get that far do to the rise like jiffy pop on my back oh man help me SOS

  119. Steve says:

    I am a veteran and I got a jacked up Tatoo I don’t have much money can you help me out

  120. larry wright says:

    I have more than one tattoo that is horrible nightmares. I had them done at some ones house with a home made gun. what a mistake. Please help me out if you can.

  121. blake crespo says:

    I was jus wanting to know where the shop was located at that Gus works at because I’ve been wanting a tat covered up and they know what they r doing. Please email it to me if u can

  122. jamiel says:

    I have a large tattoo on my left shoulder that is some horrible work wanna get it covered

  123. kenderis woods says:

    i got a coverup i need so very badly its down right sickening to have

  124. thomas stevens says:

    i have two tatts, one on my right shoulder and one on mt right biecep, this one is not good i got it when i was young and living with some people that where racist , i didnt knw what the guy was going to tattoo and when he was done i was shocked, i have raised a family and had to make up things to tell my girls about what the tattoo was, i feel bad that i have this tat and dont like affending people , i have seen your show and you guys are so talanted, iam sure you get alot of request for help., i would be glad to have you look at what i have and what you might be able to do to fix, please send me the address of your shop and i would like to arrange an appt., thx

  125. Daisy says:

    Hi guys my name is daisy I have the worst tattoo on my lower back of my ex name I was do dum when I did it done 2009 and still have it no one knows what to do with it I need help please I need this off

  126. Angie says:

    Would really like to know how to get on your show…my husband has a jacked up tattoo on him. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  127. Jon says:

    This is the second response I’ve left,this one i’ll direct at the creator of the show and 495 productions.I have all of the following,the bad,the ugly,and the embarrassing tatts,all done by the the time I was 22, I’m 45 now!! I would have anybody thinking of getting a tattoo, watch the series and more than one show.
    This series answers all the questions to getting a tattoo,thank you Sally Ann Salsano.The who, what, where,and when of tattooing.The time you should take when getting or picking one out and finding the right artist for your tattoo,as each artist likes different aspects of their own style of artistry toward tattooing. I still offer my same challenge to the artists,blend 3 tatts into one,all three artists design the tatt for a cover,one does the out line and shading, the other the coloring,and the third the background.If I can’t get on the show can you forward me the address.I want these three artists to handle my cover-up!!!!!!

  128. ricardo rincon says:

    I have a tatto nightmare I want to cover up. I tattoo well and can take pain well

  129. april says:

    heyyyy my name is april i have 2 tattoos on my wrist soooo home made it says morena i got this whn i was 15 sooooo reretttttt. and another one on my hand 2 so called ladybugs got that at the age of 19 it was and ex boyfriend name then soo alled covered it with ladybugsss nowwww looking at they look like two roachesssssss helpppppp me

  130. Robert says:

    get me on the show!

  131. i have my back that needs work! great story to go with it! Hit me up! Dj Rob Edwards

  132. Brittany Young says:

    i have an ex boyfriends name on my back but then i had a cover up and now it looks like shit so plz plz plz help me.

  133. Jason Moore says:

    Hey I had a tattoo on my arm its my first tattoo Can explain what it is just horrible Hey, like I was branded like a cow lol I need help

    • andrew potter says:

      I just got through watching the episode tonight and ya’ll said that was an impossible cover up, but you did the Viking over the tribal… that was possible… I on the other hand have a half sleeve that is soooo impossible to cover up, it would definitely challenge your skills… So I am challenging you to do it… if you can… I don’t think you can… please accept this challenge… Thanks… On Nov 27, 2012 1:10 AM, “WordPress.com” wrote:

      > ** > Jason Moore commented: “Hey I had a tattoo on my arm its my first > tattoo Can explain what it is just horrible Hey, like I was branded like a > cow lol I need help”

  134. matt neadle says:

    Id like to get a cover up i have b 4 Lin old english (blood red) i really need and love to have it covered my wife hates it and now it has no meaning to me like it did when i got it if interested please let me know

  135. I have a tatoo that was given to me as a present for my annivercery But also for the memory of my mothers passing I first wanted a cross with her name and her dates of birth and death but my daughter told him I wanted a peppey Lapue skunk But when i got to my daughters house they said they had to go get the guy to do the tatoo I was like what? But he came over sat everything up and then proceeded to do my daughters tatoo witch took him six hours for a care bear tatoo. He kept saying she wasnt taking the ink Now she has alot of other tatoos and belive me it had nothing to do with the ink Then is was my turn I didnt get the cross cause he said it would take to long I got a skunk and belive me he ingraved it into my skin useing the blackest ink you ever saw This was almost three months ago and it is still healing It has carve marks with deep gashes in to it And the tail on this thing is so bad It has big marks on it He said he shaded it but he carved it I am a diebetic and this was the frist time I ever had a tatoo swell like it did I couldnt walk for three days I have been putting antibitic on it that another tatoo place told me to put on it I cant belive this guy did such a hack job on this tatoo But the worse thing is It was suspose to be in memory of my mother that pasted away a year ago. I have cried and cried over this I wanted the cross but he said it would cost so much more with my daughter couldnt afford and before I should have stopped him it was to late Can you please help me my mother would turn over in her grave if she saw this and my husband was so upset because it was also suspose to be a annivercery gift. He is on SSI and cant afford to have this redone please help me thank you

  136. Sandra Walker says:

    I am 61 yrs old. I recently got my very first tattoo. I wanted an eye that was red and lashes. I got one with double lines under it. I am so embarrassed to let people look at it. It is on the BACK OF MY NECK. Please help.

  137. Miguel rios says:

    First all this show is great!!!! The work you guys do its off the charts. You 3 get down!!!! Since i was 18 every year i have got a tattoo. Has i got older my my tattoo taste has change just family and religous. Of course my first tattoo are tribal. I would love to cover my tribal tattoo but i have been to shop and they have told me there no way to cover it up. So if there any way u guys can help or have any ideas . Help thank you guys!!!

  138. merkaba says:

    This show is nothing but glorified butchers and scratchers polishing turds making them shiny turds. The majority of the public doesn’t know what a good tattoo truly is…REAL, GOOD, tattoo artists wouldn’t touch this “reality tv” garbage with a ten foot pole. Basically because they are on TV, everyone thinks they are so good. When in reality I’ve look at their portfolios and its nothing but sub par work. The girl doesn’t even have a online portfolio. Its just another show to entertain the ignorant masses. Why don’t you people stop being cheap and dumb get on the internet and seek out an ACTUAL tattoo artist and not some person on the TV. These people are not the best tattoo artists, not even close….

  139. Tanya Chance says:

    Can you email me the location of the shop plz, I need a cover up. Thx

  140. Jordanrachelle says:

    I just recently got a tattoo on the top of my foot. It was suppose to say “you must walk through hell to get to heaven” well somehow that’s not how it turned out! My foot now reads “you must walk through heaven to get to hell” I have GOT to get this fixed!!!

  141. Joy says:

    I have 2 tattoos that need covered really bad. Need some ideas. One is one my left forearm and its supposed to be the pink breast cancer ribbon for my sister who passed away, but the ribbon is red not pink, It’s supposed to say ‘Sister’ 2-23-08. But u can’t read any of it. Makes me sad cause I did this for her. I miss her so much. I really wsnt another pink ribbon tattoo. The other is a cross with a rose wrapped around it. It’s on my right shoulder blade. I want it covered cause a friend done it n was new to tattooing and it looks horrible, also he’s now in prison charged for a double murder. I need help.

  142. Rommel says:

    I have tattoo on my left for arm that i would like remove its a dragon with skulls, fire,roses, snake and something that i think it suppose to look like a rain bow. PLEASE I NEED HELP REALLY BAD

  143. Scooter Thomas says:

    I have a tattoo on my back that supposed to be a brick wall with my childrens names on it. Dressing it up would be nice but a great cover up with their names still apart of it will be great too! Thanks!

  144. Cindy Crow says:

    my husband and I have been together for a long time !!! I was 14 he was 16 when we first laid eyes on each other !!! about 5 years ago he had a tattoo done of me…. it is really bad … he loves it however it sucks … we don’t know what to do about it and very scared to try to get it fixed maybe you can help us ….. hope we hear from you soon !!! thank you Cindy Crow

  145. Jared Miller says:

    I have the biggest disaster of all time tops them all and it CANT be covered

  146. Corey kraus says:

    I got a zodiac sign on my right shoulder blade I want covered up. I got two ideas. I was trying to get a price and set up an appointment please. Thanks corey

  147. Sal says:

    I’d love to come to the shop where is it located? On the show or not I have a real nightmare on my arm that needs some attention to say the least. I emailed the production team to be on the show I’d probably shit myself if I had got picked

  148. Charles Fryar says:

    I am 51 and have a eagle that is the worst ever on my left arm. A guy colored the wings red and has blue flames with so called flames on top. PLEASE help I don’t wanna die with this awful tattoo, Please help . I am from Louisiana and love your show. This cover up would be a miracle

  149. jramika says:

    I always said I would NEVER get a tattoo on my arm unless it was just an awesome piece. Well I finally gave in and had some work did and I did NOT like it. So I went to a different artist to try n have him fix it a bit and add more. The turn out was worse! The tattoo Is so depressing and embarrassing to me so I decided to go to someone else who I had gained trust in to turn the entire tattoo around. We did the tattoo in sessions and the first turned out well so I really thought things were going to b great. Needless to say at the end of it all I am STILL not happy or satisfied with my arm. I am in the military and they r strict on having tattoos and now I have darn near a half sleeve of something I am still not proud of. I would really really really appreciate it if you guys could look more into my story and consider me a candidate for the show. I would like to know what number I can call or email to start the process. Thank u

  150. Ms. Sue says:

    Please contact me I have a horrible tattoo of a beast caner ribbon on my arm and its a disgrace to my grandmother.I need to turn this into a masterpiece so I can stop getting the horrible comments and make my grandmother proud.
    ~ Thank You!

  151. dessa lynn harper says:

    my husband jay says noone can fix his tattoo it is a bad tattoo with a bad cover up job he said his is hopeless i beg to differ i belive nightmare tattoos can cover it up i must say i have not seen one as bad as jays yet he had a skull holding a shot gun and its one his back /shoulder its the biggest blackest iron cross you have ever seen i guess this is why he feels its soooo un fixable if your show needed a challenge this would be the hardest one ever i told jay when he first picked this out to do that i was not going to let him do that ugly huge black iron cross so my baby and i went to sleep they were picking out another tattoo but when i woke up there that huge,ugly thing was on his back yes i very upset and yes he regrets it now and jay thinks he has to live with this huge mistake pluse he said as big as it is and as black as it is he said it would coast 10,000 dollaes to cover it up is this true please hepl my husband mr jay .h you have a fantastic day and thank you for working so hard ,sencerly mrs,dessa lynn harper

  152. Melissa Collum says:

    I truly Belive u change lives!! Please please help. Watch ur show EVERY EPISODE. CAN U HELP ME, me & my Husband have been together 16yrs, not only do we both have a horrible matching tat, he had his ex wifes name covered but its still visible, he turns away from me in bed cuz he ashamed& i want him comfy in his own skin. name”covetef” but still visible

  153. Melissa Collum says:

    Sorry…my email idk went thru, my husband of 16 yrs has his ex name on his back &got it covered without me asking but it very visible, we watch ur show every episode&it killed me when he cried & said he wished he could’ve got it done right. He is not the “crying type” hes embarrassed& lots more to story so i can live with my bad ones but i hate to see him covering his body in long sleeves in florida. He thinks it hurts me but i hurt for him, can u help him? Would change our marriage so he doesn’t feel self concious

  154. allen says:

    so i see a lot of people asking about cover up’s but no response is spike gonna continue the show or not!!! and maybe if they are they can let us apply for a cover up!!! we all have tatoo’s we regret but as i got em i knew they were gonna be permanent. it’s a shame ya have to go to prison to get the good artist’s work!!! comon spike help us out here!!

  155. Remy says:

    Beside tattoo cover ups do they do regular tattoo’s?

  156. Norris Lumar says:

    I have tat on my arm that have to get coverd I would like to see how skilled they are to see if anyone can pull this off…help me pleaseee

  157. Clinton Chouamon says:

    Hello I’m Clinton watched the show I’ve got a 3”X 3” black and white backwards Superman sign would like to know how much it would cost to get something like that covered up

  158. Kim Vidrine says:

    I think this is an awesome idea… I need an appointment really bad. I have a cover up of a peacock with a panthers head on my left shoulder that Just looks like a blob and i also have a tribal with a flower on the middle of my lower Back that is really horrible. I would like to cover and join the two Into one beautiful feminin tattoo. Help!!

  159. Angella Stephen says:

    I love all 3 of you so much and i have so many ugly tattos but no money to cover all them and im way in Lake Charles, La. I need one of you wonderful ppl to help me how do i go about doing this. Jaz girl you rock keeping up with the men if God ever let me get a cover up i wish i could get one from all three of yall 🙂

  160. rachael hubiak says:

    I’ve never really been into tattoos but I love this show! It’s actually got me thinking about getting one.

  161. jackie says:

    I’m from NYC now 43 back in 89 my son died and I was so devestated and my heart was crushed I got a tat of a broken heart and his name above it and it looked horrendous every single day my morning ritual was cry till I couldnt see and bought boxes upon boxes of bandaids to cover up my broken heart tatoo and it only reminded me more and more of my son passing away and how I held me son for 45 minutes and know I will never see him again a few years later I go to another tatoo artis and the guy made it even worse because now he just expanded the broken heart covered the name and put a rose next to it now it looks like an upside down apple and im still wearing bandaids to cover this hidious thing on my chest please I would want nothing more to be on the show and have this covered up so I can at least look at it and have tears of joy not of sadness and put something that represents my lil boy I need help Im desperate . R.I P Miicheal Myluv mommy loves you I couldnt be your mommy on earth but I will be your mommy in heaven I love you ( CRYING again god help me ..

  162. Evans Vargas says:

    hi my name is evans and when i was in jail for a short time i decided to get my first tatoo well that was a big mistake besides being in jail i would like to have it covered up i dont go without wearing a shirt cause its just that bad it was to be a pit bull but it looks like a deformed dog the only thing that has come out of that tatoo is i won a free tatoo at a ink and metal show where i
    won but the tatoo artist wouldnt touch the cover up so im still stuck with it please help me

  163. JK Noble says:

    I think its a very good thing the responses show the need. I have an eye on the plam of my hand. Its heavy and to much black and looks so primitive. I got it as a reminder to keeps my eyes open ( after my first marriage). No one in this area will touch it. Its looks like I drew it with a marker. ( I Can not draw) I would like what I wished for something that looks like an eye. I didn’t think I’d have to re-start in the job category and I know it would present better if it looked correctly done. Any consideration I am thankful…

  164. julrod4@yahoo.com says:

    Im 31 & have a couple of really bad tats n tryd a cover up over a cover up…plz help lol…how do I get on this show!??

  165. Dylan says:

    I have a really bad tattoo, My first time in jail i got PECKERWOOD really big on my chest. It has these really ugly big block letters that looks like a 3rd grader done it, I’m about to turn 20 and really embarrassed about it, i cant even take my shirt off. If someone can cover this up i would really appreciate it…HELP PLEASE

  166. Shay Oldaker says:

    I think the show is a great way to educate those who want a tat as well as those that want to get something covered and done correctly. I have had a cover up that did not go well and need a couple of cover ups on some tats done many years ago. I have a large back tat that was never finished and was paid for in full and now the guy lives on the east coast and I was left hanging. So with that being said the fear of going to get a cover up or any correction work and ending up with more bad work, so I have not done anything and hate having to live with bad work. The show has made me feel that there is hope, not just for me but others to maybe be able to turn bad work into beautiful work. I would love to be on the show and have something beautiful to look at everyday. I hope the show will continue.

  167. trish says:

    I need help with my embaressing tatoo. I got it at the swat meet so you can only imagine what it is. Plus it doesn’t help that I was drunk.

  168. Drew says:

    I ask for my Friend shari, Her son commited suicide about 5 years ago it was tragic she went out and received a tattoo as a memorial tribute to her son. The artist did such a bad job you cannot make out the words he put on her as well as the picture just looks big and gloppy she has tried to get consults for it to get it touched up or covered up one artist laughed at her and said she got a fucked up tattoo and recommended her to have it lasered off and then start over. If i could get someone to help her. does anyone know of a good artist in madison wisconsin or nearby cities to get this fixed she cannot wear tank topes this is so ugly. I told her the artist that did this to her needs to have his ink gun taken from him and barred from ever doing this to another person. It was sad enough she lost her sone through tragic means but to then have a memorial piece turn out wrong is just even more sad!

  169. Julie Kaplan says:

    I saw the advertisement go accross the bottom of the tv while watching tattoo nightmares that said if we has a tattoo nightmare go 2 this sight so I’m wondering how I can sign up 2 try & get a coverup tattoo… Please let me know where 2 sign up @ 😉 thanx love the show xoxo

  170. hi ill start at i love your show very much , i too have a couple tats done 1 at 19 which was done by hand with thread wrapped are a needle lol i know but that’s what they do back them in Calgary i was wild woman lol but now i have another one about 2 years and i was a genie pig for a 18 year old lol so thinking maybe a sleeve with something to do with a native woman by a stream and in the back ground a cliff with a moon with a wolf , i am native , let me know if you need me lol thx for listening i appreciate it, take car.

  171. Roger Bias says:

    I have watched the show and I like their work, I had a snake put on my arm in San Francisco when I was 17, then a few years later I had a cover-up, the statue of liberty done outside of Washington D.C. but the guy was drinking, I now have a pregnant statue of liberty on my arm,
    I don not think it is as funny as other people do, I am ready to get a final tat. there. I like the work
    these three do, I live in Oregon and am willing to fly down to get this done…..Drop me a line
    if they can work me in, I do not need to be on the show, just either way to cover up this tat….
    ….Thanks Roger…P.S. My would really Appreciate it too, she is a straight arrow…..

  172. Angelina Cisneros says:

    Love your show!!!!!! I am a 28 years old and I have two children, and I have the worst tatoo ever on my back it was done by a friend when I was 16 no joke it’s the worst of the worst!!! I need help I am so embarrassed of this thing that even my children make fun of it and I’m scared to go to any shop where I live don’t know if they will fix it or just make it worse

  173. Jean says:

    I love watching this show. Watched it even earlier today about 2 hours of it. People get some crazy tattoos for the dumbest reasons. That’s why when you go get a tat then you do research. You will have it till you. My boyfriend and I went out to get tats together. We researched what we wanted, where we w a noted, and who we were going to have do it. It took us a few years to finally get them. But when we did we were so excited and pleased with them. My boyfriend has a tat that h e got when he was 14 or so. It’s a skull that is really dark, scarred, and raised. We have went to a lot of good artist, but they say it can’t be covered up. It’s located on his left bicep. He doesn’t like it, I don’t think it looks that bad, but not up to me. What do you think? email me @ jwelford74@hotmail.com

  174. RAMIL FRANCISCO says:

    Big fan of the show . I need help. i have a bad tattoo for 12 years now .
    Thank you

  175. i love this show just to start off with…… but i need help i got the worst tattoo on my hip side that really need to fix so can somebody please tell me how to get in touch with production crew please n that HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE……….

  176. Mike says:

    I believe I have a tattoo no one can fix. I’ve had several artists look at it and none have given me a reasonable cover

  177. Ferome says:

    I want to come on the show with my new wife and I.. We Both have our x Husband and wife on our body and we fight about it all the time.. Please help us ASAP!!!!!

  178. albert lowe says:

    I have a tat that has messed up my life I cant go around with my shart off because of it I have been to over 25 tattoo shops and they say it cant be fix or covered up. can yall help me ? but it is a challunch if u r up for it.

  179. Nicole says:

    The link to the casting is: http://www.tattooredocasting.com/

  180. ian says:

    i have really messed up back peace iv had three artist and they messed me up and i need fixing pls help

  181. marc cade says:


  182. Angelina says:

    I would love so very much to be considered for the show. When I was 16 my mom took me to get my first tattoo! I was so excited at the time the tattoo on your lower back were not called tramp stamps. So that’s where I got the tatto done. Well for starters the tattoo artist had me lay down while he did the tat. Which if course caused the tattoo to have a lot of scaring through out the whole tattoo. But that was all tolerable so as years passed and I was on track to becoming a RN when things took a turn for the worst. In the last 4yrs I have had 5 back surgeries! Which changed my whole life! I can’t be a RN and I am now officially considered disabled at 30yrs old! I would love to be considered for the show because in the course of those back surgeries my tattoo has been cut in half and the surgeons attempted to put it back together each time. But the scar that formed from the inscions is very large so the tattoo is no longer in one piece! I want so very much to have this tattoo redone into something that doesn’t make me look like Frankenstein! What I would love is a tattoo that covers the old tatto but also big enough to cover the scar on my back entirely! I feel like a freak come summertime cause in a bathing suit that tattoo looks god awful and brings down my confidence! I love tattoos and feel that they are a great way to express yourself and I have this canvas on my back that once was a decent work of art and now is a disaster! So I would love to come on the show and have one of these talented artist help me recreate a tattoo that I can be proud of and can’t wait to show off. Thanks Angelina

  183. samantha says:

    I’m 18 years old and have the worst tattoo a young lady can have I have brass knuckles on my hip I hate them im a beautiful young girl but this tattoo makes me hate my body is uneven the circles aren’t even circles and its so faded please help me 😦

  184. pamela england says:

    Yeah, finally onsite! Hope everyone survived storm Nemo. Ok, I have had a tattoo done twice. By two different artisits. Tat is sooooo sad and so basically simple, a paint brush with color coming from the brush. It looks like a mop slinging slop. And, it is on my forearm! Please, I need a great artist to make me proud of my tat.

  185. JOHN says:


  186. Judy says:

    I watch the show all the time I love it
    A chance for people to get a second chance at a bad disiscion right . My husband got very bad tattoo of a eagle on upper arm with his exs name horrible . My husband and i have been married for 18 yrs and it would be so nice to have this covered up finally … How do i contact the show ….. Desperate : ( thanks

  187. veronica merlos says:

    I have a tattoo that I love to get fix how Can I get on the show please…

  188. i NEED to get on this show & have a really bad tattoo covered…desperately!

  189. Thomas M. says:

    My name is Thomas from Phoenix, Az I know you get thousands of e-mail on fixing tattoo’s, would like some info on where to go get a horrible tattoo fixed or removed. I’ve tried to fix it with tattoo hackers and even tried burning it off, didn’t leave scare tissuse just white spots. Would be so grateful.

  190. If this show is legit, I have a tattoo that I believe has grant me bad luck. It was my own creation so I don’t blame the artist that did it, i blame me! I really need this to be changed or I feel that myself and what I do for my family will continue to go in a downward spiral. Every year since I did this has been bad. I feel the vibe from the tattoo has burdened my family as well as myself. I am sorry for what I did, but I need this to change for my kids. Please can you help me/us. To whom it may concern, my name is Isaac E Nicholson and I live in New Jersey.I believe once you here the history as to why I got this tattoo and how it has affected us. You will want this for your show! my number is 609-417-1204 please call me and help me!!!!.

  191. Daniel harrington says:

    I got a tattoo of what was gonna be a tribal bat but the guy screwed it all up its horrible an I hate it is love for any of them pros to fix mine anybody know how to contact them to be on the show

  192. jim pulos says:

    I wish to schedule an appointment to get a new work tatoo. I have put this off for ten years because I had a little tiny simpleton tatoo that was severly botchedd and I have been scared to trust anyone else. The new work will be about 6×6 and fine line with no black just shades of grey and a bit of color. I need to know where you are, I am near San Diego. Also what your waiting list is like and a vague ballpark dollar figure. I have a scetchg and someother materials that will help in the design. Thanks

  193. aleathea rivera says:

    I watched the show and definitely think they do great work but am very disappointed with the episode I saw on May 28,2013… the ignorant bald guy was doing a cover up on a girl who had a pentagram on her lower back…when he saw it he immediately said “OMG… are you a witch or something?” and then said he had to work on her cover up with the dark forces of Satan looming over him. This really pissed me off!! I have been a witch for years and was raised in a magickal household and in turn am raising my children with the same type of spirituality. Witches and Wiccan’s alike do not believe in Satan or any other absolute evil being and we definitely do NOT worship such an idea. Any one who does a little research would know this. So before you judge others and make absurd, unintelligent statements like that check your facts! The pentagram and pentacle both represent the five forces in nature: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. There is nothing to do with the devil or satan in witchcraft. I immediately turned the show off after he made those remarks. Ignorance leads to the worst forms of discrimination.
    Very Unhappy,

  194. Omar says:

    How can I surprise my friend and enter him in the tv show tattoo nightmares??

  195. Steven Tigue says:

    I need an extreme tattoo make over was young and dumb ….

  196. Tammy Bowerman says:

    i just wanted to say i love ur show and what u guys stand for i have 12 tats but a rather say 11 because i have one that i allowed a friend to do on my right lower leg it was sapose to be a pic my sister did of 2 transformers one behide the other hugging her. it look good at first but once it feeled the ink came out all over u cant see what it was or think of what it was its the worst tattoo i ever seen i would love to be able to get the help to cover it up. i stated tattooing myself just over a year ago and ive done about 58 tattoos and none of my looks anything like that for a starter i think i do very good and would love to even get some advise how to better my stuff up but so for no complains from anyone everyone happy with their work ive done. thank you for reading and i hope to here from somethere about getting help with my nightmare tattoo loving ur show. Tammy

  197. Debbie Smith says:

    I received my FIRST tattoo 1988. I was excited to get my first one, was drunk, and got it AT HOME made with a homemade tattoo gun. DUMB, STUPID, and YOUNG. It was a small rose. It was so small people told me they couldn’t see it. So I had it done larger. It didn’t look like a rose. So I had it done AGAIN, ad it was hideous! So I added a bumble bee which is AWESOME but the rose was done so many times, had a few cherry blossoms that arent that great & ITS EMBARRASSING! If you picked me to be on your show, I will pay to fly there & for the tattoo myself to get it redone. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! I am embarrassed to even where sandals.
    I am having To go to Jacksonville Fl ALOT for my daughter to have treatment so we go to the beach. I WANT SOMETHING TO SHOW OFF I AM PROUD OF. Wouldn’t you LOVE something across the states that you did?
    I sent you pictures awhile back.

  198. Robert says:

    I wish there was a way to get a hold of them, I have 1 that has not only kept me from getting work, yet got me fired from the job I had

  199. Jesse Amaro says:

    wondering a price or how I got a really bad tatto on my back when I was 18 its to the point I dont even take my shirt off anymore get rude coomments ppl look at me crazy really sucks

  200. Cinderica Schaal says:

    HI I am 54 years old, I think tattoos are a beautiful art. I lost my father in 1990, then we lost my brother and his wife 2 years later. There youngest son turned a year old one week latter. My sister killed herself on mothers day one year latter. 3 years latter my mother remarried to a great man who treated me like his own daughter. To make a long story short I took care of them both for 6 years. She was on oxygen and he was on kidney dylisses, then my husband was doing chemo therapy. Ok anyone own her have any suggestions, doesn’t matter the idea. Just don’t have a clue what I want. I know on my back, a tribute to them. This something I have been wanting to do for 3 years now.

  201. Vanessa says:

    My mom wants to cover a tattoo up ! where can i sign up ?

  202. Dale says:

    I have a really bad tattoo that was started and never finished it looks horrible was wonderin what it would cost to get fixed maybe covered up if possible it was a start to a sleeve something i have been waitin forever figured i would write to see if i could get as lucky like those people because those three are awesome at tattoos and can tell they love what they do thank you and have a good day

  203. Michelle dorsey says:

    I live in new orleans , so if you are ever in town I have the worst tattoo of a dolphin on, my foot that looks like a great big blue blob …I wear open shoes most oi for the time and when people just stare at your foot its embrassing

  204. kara young says:

    i have a nightmare tattoo done by someone who clames to be a professional. I have beautiful tats all over me and now i cant even wear a bikini. My husband had a great job then got in a bad car reck and broke his back, and is unable to work and i’m in the process of geting disability and no income to fix my horriable nightmare. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  205. tori limmer says:

    How long does it take to hear back after applying to be on the show?

  206. I love the show, but can’t go to hollywood to get mine fixed. I wish there was a place here in greenville, SC. Maybe you could identify places in major cities in each state for those of us who don’t live in Hollywood.

  207. Stacey Zimmerman says:

    I love this show, especially the artist! My favorite would be Tommy!! Not to take anything away from the rest of the artist, they are all very talented, just that Tommy has that extra zing!!!
    I was the recipient of a jacked up tattoo myself! I did everything wrong! Went to a unknown tattooist, one who had no references, and worst of all, when I got to my appointment, I allowed yet another unknown tattooist do my tattoo because the original artist I had booked with had not shown up for work! Rather than walk right then, I let some yahoo tattoo me!!
    While this kid was doing the tattoo, ( and honestly as young & as bad as this tattoo was, I don’t even know if he had a license to tattoo !) which was supposed to be the “Om” symbol, he decided on his own to CHANGE the symbol! He connected the pieces altogether! Making the symbol no longer an “Om” but more like a fancy “30”! Which was exactly what everyone thought it was! Plus most of it was so deeply scarred it was a miracle I ever found someone good enough to cover it up successfully, which luckily I did!
    Watching this show though, I totally understand where these people are coming from, though sometimes people are just complete idiots and come in there with the stupidest tattoos I’ve ever seen! I had Leo from Think Ink do an amazing cover up on mine, but had I not known him and started going to him already for all my and my husbands tattoos, I would have gone to Tommy in a second! And believe me, if for some reason, Leo ever has a brain fart and messes up in the future, Tommy I’m coming your way!! Just not on tv, cause I’m a wimp with pain, even after 9 tattoos, these Suckers HURT!!!

  208. webpage says:

    It’s amazing for me to have a web page, which is helpful designed for my knowledge. thanks admin

  209. Hi there, You have done an excellent job. I will certainly digg
    it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  210. jennifer hamman says:

    i would love to have a few tatts coverd.i am down for pretty much anything.my whole back and sides are opem for buisness.i eat pain like candy and can sit through long sessions.

  211. Brii says:

    I have this horrible tattoo on my lower stomach, I desperately need it covered. Someone please help. I’m 19 years old and I made a really stupid decision when I was 11. And I want it gone. Anyone know of good tattoo artist in Canada Saskatchewan, please let me know. Email me: harkes.brittany@hotmail.ca

  212. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is
    excellent, let alone the content!

  213. My family have watched your show since it started. We love it!! We record every show; wouldn’t want to miss a single show. Both my son and I are in dire need of the magic fingers of Tommy, Gus, or Jasmine.

  214. Samantha says:

    Hi! I love this show!! I watched Tommy competing, and so glad he is on the show!!! I wanted to see where the shop was. I have a tat I got at 15, I will be 35 soon. I am a single mom, who has multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed at 19, right after I had my son. Needless to say, I haven’t had $$ to fix my tat. Any info you can pass on, is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  215. Jessica23 says:

    I live in a small town in Texas. & well I made the mistake thinking it would be smart to get a new tattoo atleast one by a so called “professional” I’m Houston. I just went through a breakup & honestly wasn’t stable enough to make this decision so instead of my tattoo saying “Beautiful Disaster” it says “Beautiful disater” smh like I feel horrible & don’t want to live with this regret for the rest of my life. I’m only 22 please someone anyone help:(

  216. Angel Gallardo says:

    I would really like togo in the show an d get a tatto covered up

  217. Kristin marcum says:

    I’m a 34 year old mother of 3 .i recently got a lady’s face on my forearm it’s nothing like it was supposed to be it’s so embarrassing I wear long sleeves even in the summer I saved for some time and definitely don’t have the means to have it covered . Please help

  218. Payton says:

    Have a Chevy emblem that looks like a black blob on my bicep thanks to a lot of alcohol and friends new tattoo gun

  219. Tiffany Durham says:

    I think it’s a great idea. I married a wannabe tattoo artist yrs ago. He made me feel real special about becoming his ” canvas.” Between the speed and all night tattoo parties I am stuck with some pretty embarrassing shit from head to toe! Not to mention we are no longer married so now im double the idiot! I hate putting on a bikini or sundress. I have a few good ones from other artist but majority are hidious and are of assorted shape and size.there’s no way I could ever afford to have all of them removed or covered up. So your show idea is an absolute must cause I know first hand what a tattoo nightmare is.

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