Free the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum is the first museum that is totally dedicated to tattooing. It shows the world’s largest Tattoo collection, collected by Henk ‘Hanky Panky’ Schiffmacher. Right in the heart of the Red Light District Hanky Panky has been a staple in the Tattoo industry for many years. A few years ago they finally completed the Tattoo Museum which includes thousands of items to tell the history of tattoos. Unfortunately the museum and the shop has been taken hostage by authorities and the owner now has to fight to keep his collection and his shop. Please read the story below and ‘like’ them on Facebook to help spread the word of this injustice.

Comrades at arms!

It is been overwhelming, we’re blown away by the enormous support we’ve had the last 24 hours. Never before in my whole history as a tattoo artist I’ve come across such an enormous exposion of positive energy. Reactions worldwide, tweets and retweets, pictures on instagram, posts on facebook, etc. It’s a though fight, but we’re in to win this.

Again today we were denied access to our museum. Locks have been changed, negotiations with the police to get personal matters like tattoo machines were neccesary. A tidal wave of local and national press were served all day. Negotiations with landlords, lawyers and businessmen took place. Do not despair my friend. We will fight this with success. Stay tuned!

Ps. lawsuit is about 1,5 million of euros and has no ground at all. Come see us december 8th. Help us fight for our art, fight for our history, fight for our future, fight for our museum!

How can you help us?
– First of all, keep spreading the word!
– Make a donation on paypal, big or smal (
– Make a tattoo for the museum, donate, take a picture and participate in the 1000 tattoos for the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum competition
– Sing a song on Youtube
– Make a ‘Save the ATM’ t-shirt
– Bake cookies
– Throw a party
– Become a member of the Blue Bone Society
– Put us in your will
– Sell your body
– Throw us a gig
– Rob a bank
– Organize an auction
– Participate in the December 2nd worldwide Tattoos for History day in participation with

Keep up the fight!

Yours truly, Hanky PankyLouiseAnnemarie & Tessa


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